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Another story that was dropped was John being the son of Daphne DiMera. When "Tony" (really Andre) returned in 2002, a letter from Daphne revealed that she had secretly had a child (unbeknownst to Stefano) and given it to her sister Philomena Alamain and her husband Leopold. This child was supposedly Forrest Alamain, aka John Black, which meant John and the real Tony were half-brothers. Now, when John/Forrest was revealed to be Ryan Brady-DiMera, this thread was dropped.

If the Alamains adopted Ryan Brady and renamed him Forrest, AND they adopted Daphne's child, that can only mean Lawrence Alamain is the son of Daphne!

We know that Daphne had an affair with the DiMera gardner that produced Tony. What if she noticed Stefano's evil influence on Tony, and after getting pregnant with Stefano's biological child, she kept the pregnancy a secret and gave the child to her sister to protect him from the DiMera evil? If Lawrence is a DiMera, that would explain why John and Lawrence's blood test was a match in the early 90s when John learned he was Forrest Alamain.
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