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I have a bad feeling he's going to call her and say he's found someone and wants to pursue a relationship with that person...TomSell will totally destroy Bo away from Salem....if that happens I'm going to cut someone. I can see them saying that he and Billie have been together since he left.
Bo being with either Billie or Carly would be complete ridiculousness. Especially since both women have come to the realization that, while Bo may love them to a degree, he will always love Hope more and ultimately want to be with her.
yeah....it would be ridiculous, just as ridiculous as TomSell writing John to have 'feelings' for Kristen....and that happened...I have no hope for a good ending to this...I'm expecting the worse...
The only reason I'm not expecting the worst is because Kristian herself said that fans would be getting what they had been asking for. I don't think she would've phrased it like that if it had been written that Bo calls her to dump her for one of his exes that, while on the show, have been shown to have moved on (or at least realized that he belongs with Hope).
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