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1986: Roman and Marlena making plans to go away on a ski trip. Everything they did was so cute, and the family interaction, with Carrie trying to choose a coat? Family every day cuteness. Remember when DAYS did that?

1992: Marlena gives John the watch (that as far as we know, he wears to this day, they made a big deal out of it under Reilly) with the inscription "Thanks for giving me time, M." It had so much meaning, so much hope and so much love. John found Marlena and gave her more time with her children, with her family, with him, after she thought was doing to die in the Pit. He had given her time when she was faced with two Roman's, who both wanted her to choose them. Roman had been pushy and obnoxious, and expected her to not take any time to consider her feelings (and in the end, she chose what she had to, not what she really wanted). Of course, the Christmas after, he also gave her more time with their child, when he returned Belle to her before Sami managed to disappear with her. Beautiful scene, and of course, it's strange to look back and see Marlena having gone through that whole year feeling almost out of place and worried (Roman went undercover right away, and they weren't connecting well). Yet, when she was with John and Brady at the loft, she immediately had a motherly love for Brady, and a wifely concern for John. He gives her a charm bracelet in return, but for me, that watch just had so much meaning and it really said so much.


1993: John (and Kristen) return with the church with Belle. If you manage to get through that scene without crying, you might be a cyborg. Lisa Rinna singing in the background, Marlena's numb having gone through the ordeal so soon after Belle's dramatic birth (and Belle's kidnapping has some of DH's most underrated performances, I thought she walked the line so beautifully between numb, desperate and erratic)... Marlena blamed herself for Belle's kidnapping. They go to church to find hope, Marlena tries to thank everybody for praying but Roman has to pick her up and sit her down... and then Tony turns, touches Marlena's shoulder and you can just feel it in your bones. The way her face just changes, and gah, it's just so beautiful.


1994/1995: Marlena levitates over the bed. Seriously, I was so creeped out. It's one of my first real memories of the show that truly stick out, even though I'd watched it when I could before then, it just gave chills.

1996: John kisses Marlena under the mistletoe, before they go see Santa (kiss again) and then they exchange gifts on Christmas morning. Then, they kissed under the mistletoe again. On purpose. A J&M family Christmas that year, and it was amazing as a J&M fan, cause we waited so long for them to finally be together, and we had to wait a while after that too!


2000: Spit. Kiss. Nuff said. In that awful period, that felt nice.


I made this montage full of J&M Christmas moments, and it pretty sums up mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9ZJzk1B7y4
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