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Dec 4 2013, 04:56 PM
Dec 4 2013, 10:02 AM
Yeah, I don't understand how EJ would ever work with Abby without a massive change in one one them. Abigail, who got the vapors because Theresa smelled of weed marijuana (! :OhMy: ) and JJ was a small time dealer, who broke a few windows in HTS, and punched a guy, is going to peacefully coexist with EJ, who was running a large scale drug operation, nearly destroyed Salem's economy and isn't above having people maimed and killed? I'm not trying to discourage anyone from supporting their couple, because characters can easily change, but current Abby is clearly not ready for EJ.

And if she's going to be using her sweetness to moderate his levels of cray, how is that not changing him? Then again, I'm almost never going to be on the "redemptive love" train. I'd rather see everyone make everyone else worse people.
Abby's not going to want to want EJ she's just not going to be experienced enough to be able to resist him when he comes at her in full seductive mode.

She's going to try and rationalize things and he is going to laugh in her face and get her all hot and bothered.

It will be a torrid steamy piece of entertainment which he milks to the full advantage because he enjoys her discomfort.

He'll get out of it the feeling of being in charge and controlling one small secret aspect of his life.

I don't see how its hard to imagine it will be repeat of 2007 EJ with Abby being slightly less able to resist her desires due to the lack of a Lucas in her life. And EJ going down this path just because he's bored.

eg 2007 EJ
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