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I love ratings so I've been collecting old datas on SON. I thought I could share my findings here. Since the W18-49 numbers are supposedly the most important, I've been focusing on them.

W18-49 averages of the past 4 seasons:
2010-2011: Y&R=971k, GH=749k, DAYS=672k, OLTL=649k, B&B=585k, AMC=541k
2011-2012: Y&R=864k, B&B=645k, OLTL=642k, GH=595k, DAYS=539k
2012-2013: Y&R=826k, B&B=674k, GH=629k, DAYS=555k
2013-2014 (so far): Y&R=813k, GH=732k, B&B=655k, DAYS=604k

My observations:
- Y&R remains the #1 soap in the demo but it lost W18-49 viewers every year
- GH was the #1 ABC soap in the demo when ABC decided to renew it and cancel OLTL/AMC
- GH ratings went down the drain after that but the show has made a great comeback
- B&B gained a lot of viewers in the demo over the past 3 years but it starts to stagnate
- The DAYS MarDar reboot was a big failure, the show hasn't fully recovered yet
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