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Renee Dimera
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Dec 5 2013, 04:42 AM
The Room Stops
Dec 4 2013, 11:32 AM
Dec 4 2013, 08:33 AM
Romance possibilities for Hope with other men. Somehow it is always ok to pair Bo with other women, while Hope is left heartbroken, alone, miserable and wasting her time pining over him. And yet, the slightest hint of Hope moving on with someone else causes a riot.
Change Hope out for Marlena and bam, truth. It's weird how the men are the only ones ever given others trying to "get them". These ladies are hot, PTB. Why aren't men fighting each other to get them? Plus, it's tiring to have some wacko lady trying to get the man, and failing every time. Same old, same old. And Patrick had to be evil, just like Alex did. Don't get me wrong, Alex was an awful, awful character in an equally awful story, but Patrick had potential!

It's the same for every supercouple, except for Jack and Jennifer. It's Jen who gets the attention. I'm sick of it, for sure. These women are far more interesting than their males. Plus, we know everything about the guys by now.
Ain't THAT the truth! :hail:

Hope & Patrick had countless potential. So did Hope & Vargas. So do Hope and EJ. KA has MEGA chemistry with just about every man that is put in a scene with her. Romantic or otherwise.

But the show treats it's audience like morons. TIIC don't want to admit or acknowledge that their viewers know better than they do. Because that would mean that not only are they (TomHell & Co.) the ones who are complete jackasses, but that they also know little to nothing about their own product. And totally clueless as to how to improve it. They'd rather bury their heads even further up their butts and force feed characters and/or couples that they think the fans want to see.
Good grief, I wanted them to go with Hope and Vargas so badly. The chemistry was most definitely there. If the show was wise they'd get Sean Douglas back before he goes on to something else. Vargas is a tortured soul and it would be fascinating to watch him reform and transition through Hope's guidance and ...eventually... love.
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