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camera shy

Dec 5 2013, 03:49 AM
Dec 4 2013, 02:30 AM
I hope it's Ej because only Nicole has loved Ej for who he truly is. She never changed him. Sami always wants to change him and I miss bad ass EJ. I'm glad he never told Sami about Eric and stood up for his sister. It's interesting though how he came clean to Abby right away about knowing about Chad.

I just think Ej has been putting himself out there for Sami for far too long and she has never stated back how much he does and feels for her.

I like Abby with EJ because besides Nicole, he would finally be with someone who loves him for him.
It's true that Sami is always doubting EJ. Always want him to change, ... and that is what I DON'T like with EJAMI.

I like to see a gray EJ, I don't want him to be "good".

EJABBY has a potential here to become as interesting like EJ and Nicole was before they kind of wrecked their stories.

I don't know,.. maybe we will see Abby accept EJ as he is (like Nicole) and grow up a bit and not be as stiff like her mother. Maybe thats why we are having these scenes between them about who is a "bad man". EJ said, I am a "bad" man right to Abbys face. If she accepts that and still are interesting, .. maybe its a good start of a interesting relationship. LOL
You know Abby might be the only one to understand EJ not turning Kristen in.......when the whole truth comes out about what he knew. She was pretty pissed off at Jennifer for wanting to turn JJ in.
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