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  • Mike has vowed his love for Trish and he convinces her to end her sodium pentothal treatments with Laura to protect her from learning the truth. When Trish tells Mike that she believes her sessions have actually helped her, Mike begins to worry that his efforts to protect her might do her more harm than good. Later, during a session with both Marlena & Laura, Trish remembers killing Jack to protect Mike. Meanwhile, the police also begin to suspect Trish. Trish's confession causes Jeri to make her own emotional breakthrough with her daughter.
  • Karl asks Julie to talk to Sharon who is going through a difficult emotional time thanks to her therapy sessions. Later, Sharon overdoses on pills, but survives. Karl is clearly concerned.
  • Robert decides to give Rebecca a divorce, but then has second thoughts despite Rebecca's abandonment & reunion with Johnny.
  • Julie decides to turn Doug's Place into an art gallery to showcase her original artwork. Julie is hurt when Doug exhibits a lack of confidence in her talent.
  • Valerie decides to go ahead with her wedding to David with or without her parents' blessing.
  • Neil is also in the running to be the hospital's new chief of staff.
  • Hope goes missing in the park, but turns up at home with a real baby who she's traded her doll for. Hope wants a baby brother and Doug presses Julie to have a child of their own. Julie isn't overly willing.
  • Trish steals her therapy tapes from Laura's office and learns that she killed Jack and has trouble dealing with what she's learned.

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WEEK OF MARCH 14 - MARCH 18, 1977
Mike convinced Trish to resume therapy. Julie and Doug had a tiff when she turned his club into an art gallery. Karl suggested he, Sharon, and Julie open their own art gallery. Val quit her job with Neil and told David they should set a wedding date.
WEEK OF MARCH 21 - MARCH 25, 1977
Neil and Greg hired a replacement for Valerie, Betty Worth. Under sodium pentathol, Trish confessed she killed Jack. But Laura and Marlena decided they couldn't reveal the truth until Trish is well. Neil, Greg, and Tom are being considered as the new chiefs-of-staff.
WEEK OF MARCH 28 - APRIL 1, 1977
Laura played Trish's confession tape for Jeri. Trish stole the tape but was constantly interrupted from hearing the climax. Sharon took another overdose of sleeping pills. Karl revealed to Marlena that Sharon's father had committed suicide and arrange it so she would find him.
Greg warned Phyllis not to buy the chief-of-staff job for Neil. Trish took a powder when she heard her taped confession. Rebecca told Don to proceed with her divorce. Robert agreed to sign the papers. Valerie told Maggie she and David plan to elope. Marlena suggested a therapist for Sharon. After taunts from Linda, Maggie told Mickey she's willing to stay in Salem.
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