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  • Mickey & Laura work to prove that Jack's death was justifiable homicide in order to keep Trish from having to go to trial. Meanwhile, Mike & Trish try to put Jack behind them and be happy together. Unfortunately, Trish's therapy tapes still aren't enough to to clear either her or Mike of murder charges. Despite everyone's statements to the D.A. (including Trish who finally remembers everything), the D.A. continues to push for a murder trial.
  • Valerie & David continue to feel opposition to their planned marriage. Valerie faces a quandary when she receives a full scholarship to Howard University medical school.
  • Brooke & Mary compete for career advancement at Anderson Manufacturing. Brooke dreams that the plant will one day be hers.
  • Phyllis donates a large sum of money to the hospital in an attempt to secure Neil the chief of staff position, which causes Neil to drink. Phyllis' efforts are in vain -- Greg is named the new COS (while Tom receives only a gold watch for his many years of service). Greg wants to refuse the promotion in favor of Tom.
  • Tom suffers a stroke. Bill blames the rejection by the hospital board for his father's condition. The entire Horton family begins to exhibit animosity towards Greg for winning the position they believe should've been Tom's. When Alice learns that Greg initially turned down the COS position & only accepted after Tom's illness, she apologizes to him.
  • Neil & Mary succumb to their attraction to one another and have a one night stand which evolves into an actual affair. Phyllis almost catches Neil & Mary together, but falls for a flimsy lie & excuse on Neil's part.
  • Don & Marlena have become a serious couple, but Marlena is concerned that Don still carries a torch for Julie.
  • Doug is concerned that Julie is becoming too involved in Karl & Sharon's personal lives.

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WEEK OF APRIL 11 - APRIL 15, 1977
Although she doesn't remember the details, Trish admitted to Jeri she killed Jack. Jeri testified at a hearing about the girl's early life with her stepfather. Val learned she won a scholarship to a southern college. Phyllis gave the hospital a large donation as a political ploy to get Neil the chief-of-staff job. Brooke and Mary argued about Mary's desire to work for Bob.
WEEK OF APRIL 18 - APRIL 22, 1977
Upset about Phyllis' donation, Neil got drunk at the hospital board dinner and later made love to Mary. Greg was named chief-of-staff. Tom suffered a stroke. Don and Marlena consummated their love. Laura advised Trish to testify under sodium pentathol. Val was undecided whether to marry David immediately or finish college first.
WEEK OF APRIL 25 - APRIL 29, 1977
Trish remembered everything. Her former janitor admitted he had slipped Jack's notes under her door, but refused to go to the police. Marlena nixed Don's suggestion of a more permanent relationship. Bob promoted David and Brooke, and offered to hire Mary.
WEEK OF MAY 2 - MAY 6, 1977
Alice told Greg she doesn't blame him for what happened to Tom. Trish underwent another drug session for the police because the D.A. didn't believe Trish and Mike's story.
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