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S loves EJ

Dec 4 2013, 10:37 AM
Dec 4 2013, 10:02 AM
Yeah, I don't understand how EJ would ever work with Abby without a massive change in one one them. Abigail, who got the vapors because Theresa smelled of weed marijuana (! :OhMy: ) and JJ was a small time dealer, who broke a few windows in HTS, and punched a guy, is going to peacefully coexist with EJ, who was running a large scale drug operation, nearly destroyed Salem's economy and isn't above having people maimed and killed? I'm not trying to discourage anyone from supporting their couple, because characters can easily change, but current Abby is clearly not ready for EJ.

And if she's going to be using her sweetness to moderate his levels of cray, how is that not changing him? Then again, I'm almost never going to be on the "redemptive love" train. I'd rather see everyone make everyone else worse people.
Meh...if nothing else it can be interesting...opposites attract and all...I find Sami and Ej boring...they don't give a shit what the other does, they are awful human beings, there is nothing redeemable about either...they supposedly accept one another but they truly have issues when one does something, or when one keeps a secret or tells a half truth, so that is a strange way of accepting their lover. So what exactly is their angst? They don't tackle their issues, they gloss over them, the family dynamic that was always at the core of their story has been pretty much ignored now with Stefano out of the picture and Marlena sort of accepting that Sami can do whatever she wants. Roman the only one who seems to have issues with them is barely seen.......at least with Abby Ej can toy with her and it can end up being a bit interesting and maybe create another layer that Ejami desperately needs. I am not even sure what anything with Eric and Abby could look like....that would be more boring that watching paint dry.

Given it some thought I think you got a point about Ejami not dealing with their issues. Like Ejami said in the spring it will take time before they truly trust each other given their history, So I havenīt had a big problem with EJ keeping secrets from Sami plus I think him being a lier is in his character, and I havenīt want Ejami to be just happy I have wanted there to be drama for them, but I think EJ been keeping to many secrets to Close together that itīs becoming repeative, ánd I havenīt gotten the sense that they have written Ejami as a supercouple but more getting them ready to break them up even if I donīt think it will happen at this time. I donīt know if I want Ejamiīs issues to be completly gone since they might become boring then, but I would like to see them at least dealing with them. I would like to see them confide in each other in at least some of their problems, and to not show them having problems but given them romantic scenes as well. I do would like some angst for Ejami aswell though and I think Abby can provide it.
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