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Aug 8 2013, 06:35 AM
I know it couldn't be helped, but I definitely feel that Passions lost a lot of it's heart when Timmy (and Josh) died. He was such a popular and unique character, and was completely irreplaceable. It was a blow I feel the show never really recovered from. The show was not the same from 2002 onwards. But 1999-2001 were absolutely golden IMO. The show was so strong then.
I agree, the show just wasn't the same. It's like JER just threw everything out of the window. I seem to remember him having this huge bible for Passions that had the first five years or something but after all these years I can't remember. But the turning point seemed to be in 2002 and the show really just wasn't the same. Not to mention the meh recasts.

I also feel like the double wedding and Sheridan's ridiculous year long amnesia (probably wasn't that long but it killed any momentum Shuis had, IMO, except for in 2004) were jumping points. Not to mention the never-ending Bermuda storyline and that god awful island with bad acting Christopher Douglas. Thank God for Amelia Marshall. Liz was so wicked vicious.

Kim Johnston Ulrich and Ben Masters were always so good and sold everything they were given. Ivy in her wheelchair for what felt like years was gold.

I do remember being interested again in 2004, but it quickly lost steam again.
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