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  • Police drop all charges against both Mike & Trish. However, just as the young couple think they can be happy, Trish learns that she's pregnant with David's baby from their one night stand. Trish wants a secret abortion until she realizes what she'll have to go through due to how far along she is. When Trish confesses the pregnancy (but not the father), he dumps her. Brooke lambastes Mike for his treatment of Trish.
  • Sister Marie Horton returns due to Tom's illness. Meanwhile, Tom has another attack, but is later released from the hospital to return home to recuperate. Tom is humiliated by his current condition. Meanwhile, Alice finds it difficult sharing Tom's care with Marie.
  • David & Valerie decide to move to Washington so that she can attend school. Julie doesn't support this decision.
  • Brooke & Mary continue to clash at Anderson Manufacturing. Later, Brooke begins to work as an industrial spy selling company secrets to the competition so that they're underbid. Bob grows concerned about the leak.
  • Bill continues to resent Greg's position as chief of staff. Greg offers Laura the position of head of psychiatry, which angers Bill because he believes it to be merely a gesture.
  • Sharon begins to shower Julie with lavish gifts. When Sharon professes her love to Julie, Julie reacts badly and runs from the house in horror. Sharon responds by slitting her wrists. Karl arrives in time to save her. Julie avoids telling Karl what led to Sharon's actions, but eventually tells Marlena (Sharon's therapist). Karl taking Sharon out of the hospital prematurely causes Marlena much concern. Later, Karl takes Sharon away to Madrid.
  • Rebecca returns to Salem for a visit to speed up her divorce from Robert. She leaves Dougie with Robert for a brief spell so that she can return to Johnny & help him straighten himself out.
  • Neil & Mary have a romantic rendezvous in Chicago. Phyllis is convinced that Neil is having an affair, but doesn't know with whom. She confides her suspicions in Mary. Later, Neil cleverly tries to cover his tracks, but is seen out with Mary by Brooke.
  • Brooke learns that David is the father of Trish's baby and goes to Valerie with the news! Valerie reacts by calling off their engagement and leaving for Washing alone. Trish is angry with Brooke over her actions.

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WEEK OF MAY 9 - MAY 13, 1977
Trish is pregnant. Charges against Mike were dropped. Tom asked Bill to take over his practice, then had another seizure. Marie arrived. David turned in his notice. Brooke and Mary had a fight at work. David and Valerie experienced prejudice when they were asked to leave a restaurant.
WEEK OF MAY 16 - MAY 20, 1977
Valerie scouted apartments and jobs for David in Washington. Trish confessed to Brooke she's carrying David's child, not Mike's. Rebecca and Dougie visited Robert. Marie decided to stay and nurse Tom. Sharon rejected Karl's suggestion that they moved to Madrid. Bill was angry that Greg offered Laura the job of head of psychiatry. Neil and Mary planned an out-of-town rendezvous.
WEEK OF MAY 23 - MAY 27, 1977
Sharon slashed her wrists and was hospitalized after Julie was disgusted by Sharon's confession of love for her. Mike walked out on Trish when she admitted she's pregnant but he's not the father. Amanda caught on to Neil and Mary's affair. Laura accepted Greg's job offer. Despite Marlena's urging, Julie refused to be involved with Sharon's problems.
WEEK OF MAY 30 - JUNE 3, 1977
Brooke told Valerie that Trish is pregnant with David's child. While Neil and Mary rendezvoused, Phyllis learned Neil wasn't at the Chicago convention. She confided in Mary that Neil's cheating with another woman and changed his story about the convention weekend.
WEEK OF JUNE 6 - JUNE 10, 1977
Brooke became an industrial spy against Anderson Manufacturing and learned about Neil and Mary. Salem departures included Sharon and Karl, who left for Madrid; Val, who canceled wedding plans with David and moved to Washington; Trish, who packed her bags for an out-of-town home for unwed mothers; and Rebecca, who left little Dougie with Robert and returned to Johnny.
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