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What was your reaction when you first learned that Nick wasn't going to be Summer's dad? At that point, did you think that was the truth?

I thought that was the truth until they exposed what happened. I didn't find out the truth until the script came. They're like, "You have to wait and see." For a while I was like, "Oh, my gosh! This is huge. He's not my dad." I was getting really into it. Then I saw what happened. I was reading and they left like a cliff note right at the end of one of the scripts about what Sharon did. I was sitting in my dressing room in disbelief, like, "How could she do that to me? This is awful. This is way bad." I took it very close to heart.

Are you looking forward to the big reveal when the truth comes out that Sharon switched the DNA tests?

I'm actually really excited. I'm very curious as to how they're going to play it out with Summer. I'm sure she's still going to have the close bond that she now has with Jack. I'm excited to play it as an actress and to see how it all plays out as a fan.

The entire interview can be read here:
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