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Few points after watching the last two episodes

I don't understand why Will and Sonny aren't part of the leather bonanza. The leather jacket Sonny is wearing is from last year. And what twDOOL's wardrobe people need to be charged with crimes against fashion and decency for the way they dress Will and Sonny. Ugh!

I am realizing that I don't have a lot of loyalty to any couple, except Will and Sonny but their story sucks. I don't dislike and like Ejami but it bothers me that after all the horrible things EJ did to Sami's family she's still with him. Maybe he paid for what he did to her when she shot him. But just recently he was blackmailing her 18-year old son. He stole innocent people's pensions and framed her step-dad (the man who raised her). Somehow I cannot get over that. But worst of all, the gleeful way he's reacting to Eric's trauma makes EJ is irredeemable for Sami. I really, really like JS but how can you get over that stuff.

Dan and Jennifer.... I just can't. Make it stop please. They contaminate everyone for me. Nicole, Maggie, even JJ all annoy me now because of their proximity to those two.

And speaking of Nicole, I just want Eric to stop apologizing and seeking her forgiveness. She's not worthy of his love. I don't want her to be a doormat but I want her to understand his trauma and how messed up he was. Instead she's charging him with crimes he didn't commit (his sister's douchebaggery and her claim that Eric made people believe that she raped him. WTF). I know I am risking being banned from this board and shunned for ever but I want Eric with someone less sanctimonious who wouldn't hold over him that she's helping him. She should either do it because she cares about him and wants to right a wrong or because as a reporter she's invested in getting to the truth. I am done with all this self congratulatory and look at me, I am noble and great, I am helping the man who accused me of a heinous crime. Fuck that shit.
Finally, for the first time, I am really enjoying Gabi. The three ladies work well together. I just hope no one else joins their trio.
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