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Dec 7 2013, 03:46 AM
Nov 16 2013, 08:11 PM
I love Doug and Julie, and I ADORE Susan. :wub2: This woman should be on contract.
I really wish I knew how to make that happen!! I honestly thought Bill and Susan would have been seen in the November sweeps! :-/
I am so with both of you on SSH being on regularly and Julie and Doug living in the Horton House as the new Tom and Alice.

Here's how I would make it happen:

Jennifer's snappish, Daniel-obsessive behavior becomes so extreme (not that much more to go, IMO) that even her Dannifer-shipping family and friends come to realize that she is having a mental breakdown brought on by her repression of feelings about Jack's death. Marlena becomes involved and tries to convince a resistant Jennifer that a voluntary commitment for intensive mental health treatment away from all the stresses of her life in Salem is the best hope for her having a productive future. Jennifer finally agrees after Laura comes back to remind her daughter how she struggled and overcame her own mental breakdown. The obstacle that was really troubling Jennifer about going away for help is removed when Doug and Julie agree to move into the Horton house and look after Abigail and JJ. Doug cannot be in Salem as much as he would like to be because he has recently taken a job as an entertainment consultant for a cruise line and needs to go make periodic checks on the entertainers. Sometimes Julie joins him for a brief jaunt, but mostly she's happy in Salem, having realized after reflecting on her pot brownies that she really is sick of cruising all the time.

So there...that solves multiple DOOL problems for me. So wish it would happen.
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