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  • Brooke interrupts a romantic interlude between Neil & Mary at the lake. Mary fears who Brooke will tell.
  • Mike asks Trish to marry him & also wants to know the identity of her baby's father. Trish refuses to tell him, but Mike figures out that David is the father. Mike & David fight, causing Trish to reject both of them. Julie disapproves of David's blasť attitude regarding Trish & the baby. Mickey is fearful of history repeating itself. David goes to Washington to beg Valerie to marry him. Julie wants Trish to marry David, but Trish refuses. She also refuses Mike's proposal.
  • Bill's hand problems causes him to resign for the clinic & register as an anesthesiology resident to maintain his connection to surgery. Laura's worried about Bill's happiness with his new career path considering her recent career advancement.
  • Tommy & Linda date. Linda wants to make Mickey jealous, but it's really Bob who's jealous.
  • Alice feels shut out of Tom's recovery because of Marie's expert care. Meanwhile, Dr. Walter Griffin takes over Tom's practice at the hospital.
  • Mary catches Brooke photographic Anderson Manufacturing documents. Brooke counters by using what she knows about Neil & Mary to blackmail her into silence. Mary eventually goes to Bob with what she's discovered about Brooke. When Bob confronts Brooke, she casts doubt on Mary's story. After getting the whole truth from Mary, Bob puts Brooke under surveillance. Brooke prepares to leave town.
  • Johnny gets a job in Tokyo. Even though Rebecca doesn't want to keep Dougie away from Robert, Don gets a court order prohibiting Rebecca from taking the baby out of state.
  • Don confides in Marlena about his first wife & daughter dying in an automobile accident years ago. Don proposes marriage to Marlena, but she puts off accepting.

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WEEK OF JUNE 13 - JUNE 17, 1977
Mike visited Trish at the home for unwed mothers. She refused to tell him who the father is, but he later found out it's David. Phyllis left town to attend a wedding, leaving Neil alone with Mary. Linda dated Tommy to make Mickey jealous. Bill was furious that Greg decided to hire a replacement for Tom. Marlena learned her twin sister is planning a visit.
WEEK OF JUNE 20 - JUNE 24, 1977
Bob grew jealous of Linda and Tommy. David was rebuffed by Val, who met a new friend, Dwight Lowell. Brooke found Mary and Neil together but Mary found Brooke spying on Anderson Manufacturing. Johnny landed a job in Japan, but Rebecca nixed going with him. Bill decided to retrain as an anesthesiologist, while Laura celebrated her appointment as head of psychiatric services. Mel advised Alice's she's living under an emotional strain because of Tom's illness.
WEEK OF JUNE 27 - JULY 1, 1977
Brooke blackmailed Mary not to reveal Brooke's spying in exchange for silence about Mary and Neil's affair. Maggie suspected that her new neighbor, Jean Barton, is a victim of wife-beating. Alice began to have therapy sessions with Laura to discover the cause of Alice's depression. Dr. Walter Griffin took over Tom's job. Rebecca planned to take Dougie to Japan with Johnny.
WEEK OF JULY 4 - JULY 8, 1977
Robert warned Rebecca she couldn't take Dougie out of the country because Don had obtained a restraining order. Mary informed Bob that Brooke is the spy. Brooke said it was a lie by Mary to cover up her affair with Neil, but later confesses she'd done it to ruin Bob for not giving her his family name. Brooke started to leave town, but Mary called the police. Greg was miffed at Bill for criticizing Griffin.
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