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Dec 7 2013, 12:23 PM
S loves EJ
Dec 7 2013, 11:37 AM
I remember Hope saying that if Stefano was the father of JT he must have raped her, and that
she was horrified about the idea that he could be the father so Hope saw it as rape.
I believe it was Bo that claimed that if Stefano was the father, he must've raped Hope. But ultimately, Hope became pregnant during the time Stefano had her brainwashed as Gina. So you could argue that it's rape because it was Hope's physical body, but the person who was occupying her mind was never forced to sleep with anyone.
Pre-rewrite to make Bo the father, there were only 2 people "Gina" slept with that could've been the father: Stefano & John. Gina seduced John in the submarine when he was on his honeymoon, & then Gina slept with Stefano to allow John to escape after Stefano caught Gina & John together on the submarine.
Hideous storyline! :puke:
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