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S loves EJ
Dec 7 2013, 04:01 PM
Dec 7 2013, 01:19 PM
S loves EJ
Dec 7 2013, 01:10 PM
Well I started watching around the time Will's paternity came out so no I haven't seen much of
Stefano's obssession with Marlena. I know he kidnapped her and try to hypnosize her into
falling in love with her but I didn't see it. Stefano strikes me as to evil to fall in love but if he
still do it would weaken him. I could be wrong though maybe he was a great villain in the 90s.
It was absolutely nothing like what you're saying.

He was a cartoonish villain in the 90s, IMO.

Cartoon villain you say, I guess it didnīt make sense to me why Stefano didnīt tried to rape Marlena, that is all I meant to say not to offend anyone, but I think I understand it now.

Sometimes my post come off sounding a lot worse than I intend too, I like Stefano I donīt really think of Stefano as a perv either, it just a little eww when he talks to EJ about bedding Sami.
Stefano's motives are difficult to explain during that time because he was just so delusional. But if you watch that story (which is actually several stories) he gives his reasons for not raping Marlena many times. IMO, it was about pride more than anything. At that time, it was a line Stefano didn't want to cross. But he was insane, so that could have changed at any time. I think most villains typically have a line they don't want to cross. They often end up crossing it anyway, but at that time, Stefano's line for Marlena was rape.

Stefano was a weirdo, and he often contradicted himself when it came to Marlena. It was her stubbornness and the way she fought him that always seemed to turn him on the most. He would even say that to her, but then he'd comment that he would eventually break her will. The same will that attracted him to her in the first place.
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