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Dec 7 2013, 04:39 PM
Dec 7 2013, 10:41 AM
Dec 7 2013, 10:35 AM
Is Rafe even in any of the Christmas episodes? Maybe he took a trip to see his mother this holiday?
He SHOULD go see his mom--poor woman is never mentioned or ever gets to see her kids when they are near death or giving birth or anything :eyeroll:

But I so wanted him and Jordan to have a sweet Christmas together. She doesn't have any family in town (that we are aware of) so a Jafe Christmas would be perfection!
I WISH I could get into Jordan, Cuz I Love Rafe, and I want him to be happy.. But he needs just the right woman, or actress.. Maybe the character is 'Ok' but the Actress while pretty is dull as wet paint. He needs a Woman with layers to her personality that he can bounce his with. Rafe is at his best when he has someone feisty and challenging, loving and funny.. So if they want him with the Jordan character, They need a new and better actress.
I like her. She has such a brilliant smile and I think she plays both vulnerable and strong really well.
I believe it might have been hard for viewers to warm up to Jordan because of how they started her on the show. Not only did we not get any back story, but she appeared once a week, said an abrupt line and then basically fled the room. Not much to engage anyone. I think only now are we getting into the layers you want to see. But as far as personality, I've seen hints of her humor and feistiness. Once they devote more time allowing us to really get to know her and give her quality scenes you might change your mind.
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