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Dec 1 2013, 07:59 PM

-The Marlena Clones
During the possession story, Stefano wanted to kidnap Marlena and sent several lookalikes around the world as decoys. This was never picked up on again, even though Stefano would kidnap Marlena at least twice after the possession.

This never bothered me. I never thought of it as a separate storyline or something that was meant to last longer than it did. It was just Stefano's way of distracting the police from finding the real Marlena. And I never thought of them as clones or anything, just more of Stefano's magic face masks, i.e. Peter's face on Daniel in the casket and the imposter in the jail with the Stefano mask on.

-The Item Under the Tarp
When John and Hope went to Stefano's jungle compound to save Roman, Hope was forbidden from lifting up a tarp covering something in Dr. Rolf's lab. He recognized her as Gina and it was implied that the mysterious object was connected to her missing years, but we never found out what it was.

I try to block out that story, but I think they intended it to be a missing child either belonging to J&M or B&H. Remember they also found the closet full of children's toys.

-Eric's Mysterious Past
When Eric returned to Salem in 1997, it was implied that some secret events had kept him out of Salem for the past few years. In February 1998, an actress named Christine Wilson was cast in the role of Taylor Raines, and her shoes were seen following Eric through Salem Place. At the last minute, the character was written out and the mysterious stalker turned out to be Jed Fox, a character who had framed Eric for sexual assault. The name "Taylor" was later reused several months later for Nicole's sister.

Wow, I don't even remember any of that. I do remember the mysterious shot of the John Grisham novel when Eric first arrived.
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