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Grandpa Hughes
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Dec 7 2013, 09:47 PM
Zoe Lucker was so ridiculously wasted.

I'd love her to come back, I could easily forget Vanessa ever existed if they were so inclined. But I think she's a regular on Waterloo Road now.
I also am suddenly nostalgic for FW and the lethal Tanya Turner. Damn now that was soap opera with a bitch goddess who ranked near the top of any soap villainess list I could compile. But Vanessa had a few moments where I saw real potential. When she warned a drunken Jack away from behind the bar while filling in at the Vic by threatening to make him sing soprano. And when she went after Tanya. I liked her with Eddie too.and her conspiring with Michael. Im looking forward to seeing what Alfie and Kate are going to do. And Shirley bringing her family to the square. And most of all Stacey coming back.
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