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Brotherly Love

Dec 3 2013, 09:32 PM
Here's a dropped storyline from two years ago: After Jack returned to Salem in 2011, Jen attended a Halloween party at Horton Square and was stalked by a man wearing a scary mask. Jen accused Jack of being the man in the mask, but Jack said that he was visiting JJ in England at the time of the Halloween party. (I think Jen called JJ to verify Jack's alibi.) So, it seemed like some dangerous person was stalking Jen, and there was speculation that the masked man might be one of the opium smugglers that Jack escaped from in Afghanistan. But then the storyline was dropped, and the masked man was never mentioned again.

So, was the masked man supposed to be part of a larger storyline, or was the masked man just another excuse for Jen to yell at Jack?
I always wondered about this, too. So much wasted potential with that Afghanistan/PTSD storyline. Instead, we got gambling websites and idiotic spa scenes.

It's the same for every supercouple, except for Jack and Jennifer. It's Jen who gets the attention.

Talk about more wasted potential. With the exception of FauxJack's fling with who turned out to be Laura Horton and his ONS (rape?) with NotJennifer, Jack has never had a romance with anyone else since he was paired with Jennifer (and even those weren't romances, just sex). I would have killed to see him move on from Jennifer last go round into a REAL relationship (not just a flirtation) with either Billie or Nicole.

Did anyone mention Diana Colville getting stalked by someone who was heavily implied to be Marlena? I think that one got killed when Genie Francis left.
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