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  • Bob confronts Brooke as she prepares to flee Salem ahead of the police (contacted by Mary). He confesses that how's known that she was his daughter since Adele told him the truth on her deathbed. Brooke threatens to tell everyone about Mary's affair with Neil. On her way out of town, Brooke picks up a hitchhiker before becoming involved in a car chase with police. Brooke crashes her car which bursts into flames. Only one body (burned beyond recognition) is pulled from the wreckage and is identified as Brooke (but know one knows about the hitchhiker). Neil's callous relief that Brooke died before spilling the beans about the affair disgusts Mary who dumps him.
  • Rebecca fights Robert legally to take Dougie to Japan. Doug & Julie are in conflict when Julie takes Rebecca's side.
  • Marlena's twin sister Samantha Evans arrives in Salem for a visit. Marlena feels that Samantha is emotionally disturbed (manic depressive & with a pill addiction). She discovers that Samantha has stolen one of her prescription pads.
  • Phyllis believes that Neil had been having an affair with Brooke & Mary has been covering for him.
  • Trish & Toni (one of the girls in her unwed mother's group) are terrorized in their apartment looking for Toni's ex. Trish is injured, but Danny arrives & gets her to the hospital. She nearly loses her baby, but is fine. Meanwhile, Mike begins drinking & frequenting singles bars. Trish vows never to see Mike again.
  • Bill has difficulty adjusting to life as a resident. He continues badmouthing Dr. Griffin & openly criticizing him to the point of disruption at the hospital. Meanwhile, Dr. Griffin discovers that Alice has a pre-cancerous condition that requires a complete hysterectomy.

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WEEK OF JULY 11 - JULY 15, 1977
Unknown to anyone, Brooke had picked up a hitchhiker while making her escape. The car crashed, one body was found burned beyond recognition, and Bob blamed Mary for Brooke's death. Jeri worried that Trish's pregnant friend, Toni, is staying with Trish in Salem.
WEEK OF JULY 18 - JULY 22, 1977
Linda toyed with Tommy while playing up to Bob, who gave her a diamond ring. Mary apologized to Bob for telling police about Brooke, which led to her death. Neil dated Betty and became interested in Samantha. Rebecca decided to contest the restraining order. Trish introduced Danny to Toni. They didn't hit it off. David visited Valerie in Washington. Mike and Trish had a tentative reconciliation and agreed to date each other. Phyllis' suspicions increased.
WEEK OF JULY 25 - JULY 29, 1977
Trish and Toni were roughed up by an underworld figure who was trying to get information from Toni. Danny saved the day, but Trish nearly aborted. Bill accused Griffin of being knife-happy, unaware that Griffin's treating Alice, who was diagnosed as needing a hysterectomy. Samantha stole and forged Marlena's prescription pads. She's popping pills while fretting about her married lover.
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