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Dec 8 2013, 12:13 AM
Dec 7 2013, 06:30 PM
Dec 7 2013, 06:27 PM
Dec 7 2013, 04:35 PM
KateMansi: You'll have to wait and see :)RT @newsjunkie1967: @KateMansi always enjoy watching abby on DAYS are u going to the dark side again lol
I honestly get the feeling that the writers don't know what to do with Abby or even Kate Mansi. First, they write the character as willing to lie about having slept with her college professor, then she's written as the most virginal creature on the planet. Now, she's going to develop a crush on EJ and act irrational again, just like with Austin? I'd be interested if that actually went anywhere, but let's be honest, it won't. I'm not expecting EJ and Abby to be in anything even remotely resembling a relatuonship. At best, she might be a distraction before another round of EJami. And I'm kinda angry that the writers don't know what to do with such a legacy character and such a talented actress like KM.
Maybe Abby is bipolar?! or has some other mental disorder.
It's not like it doesn't run in her family. Not even taking into account that wide swath of crazy on the Horton side, both her grandmother (Laura) & great-grandmother (Carrie Spencer, Laura's mother) battled mental illness. Carrie even committed suicide in a mental institution. In fact, it was a running theme during Jennifer's teen years when she feared she'd go crazy just like Laura.
Yes to this TPTB don't waste it on Abigail any time soon.

It's Jennifer's turn now. If Tomsell would go there, it's their way out of the 'most forced soap couple' and the very unlikable Jennifer that MR has worked so hard to create with her shrewish delivery of her lines. She only has to push the envelope just a very little bit further to give all the Dannifer proppers a plausible cause to be concerned about a mental break down. There are many compelling flash backs waiting in the wings to show Jennifer's mental deterioration as she shrieks at Nicole, Chloe, Jeannie T, JJ, etc., etc.

I already posted in the SSH/DH interview thread how that could be used to get Julie and sometimes Doug back on screen in the Horton house. Marlena could get some screen time, then Laura could return and take Jennifer away to treatment for a while.

I'd personally like Jennifer to get the treatment off screen, but if the show just can't do without this damaged character for a while, then they could show her guilt and shame over Jack's return and death or just give her a new s/l. Daniel meanwhile moves on to something in Salem unrelated to Jennifer. In fact, Daniel himself should be shaken enough by this turn of events that he has a serious session with Marlena about how he keeps failing to recognize emotional transference with his female patients and unconsciously recreates his lost love for his dead wife. Then fini for Fetch. The two finally part ways forever as lovers. DOOL moves on.
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