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Dec 8 2013, 07:07 PM
Dec 8 2013, 11:51 AM
Dec 7 2013, 09:22 PM
Dec 7 2013, 11:38 AM
Spoilers/teases from Kristian during her TSC shows:

- to a caller who said they were happy John was coming back: "Yes. I had scenes with him. And something BIG happens."

- re: a feather pendant necklace:: "You'll be seeing me wear this a lot on Days of our Lives...through some scenes that are hmmmmm..." (host goes "a little sexy?!") "Let's just say, people are gonna be happy." (said in somewhat of a singing voice) (host then goes "a little sexy sexy")

- to a caller who wanted some scoop (& asked "Is Hope going to have a big storyline coming up?):: "Hmmmm..." (Host: "Hmmm...Do tell.") "I have been working like...unbelievably. I've been working a lot. I have scripts in my dressing room right now, & the minute I get off the plane tomorrow, I will be learning other scripts as well. They're keeping me very busy. That's all I can say. But I'm happy. I'm very happy. And I love who I'm working with. It's great." (Host: "She gave us nothing. Did you see that?) "I'm not allowed." (Host: "Nothing.") "I did. I did. I'm working a lot." (Host: "So it's going to be a good storyline.") "And it's not just 'Detective Hope'. That's something."

- "Well, let me just tell you. The feather necklace I have on, Detective Brady wears it. Oh yes she does. She needs to be looking glamorous & gorgeous getting the bad guys."

- Host: "So who are you married to now on the soap?"
Kristian: "Well, I'm still married..." (Host: "To??") "Bo Brady." (Host: "Okay. So I'm so confused.") "Hope's getting a little *click*, you know, little bit to be tied."
(Kristian kinda mumbles the end of that sentence, so I'm not 100% sure that's what she said, but it's the best I could do trying to figure out what she said.)

I feel like the bit about Hope still being married might not necessarily mean she's still married in terms of what they're shooting now. As confusing as it may be to try to remember what's airing now given what they're shooting now, I'm sure she can at least remember that any changes in marital status don't occur until after Christmas. (If any changes do indeed occur between what's airing & what's being shot.)
Thanks for posting this. I'm really intrigued!
No problem. I'm bummed that none of the callers throughout the rest of the day took the opportunity to try to get more out of her, so that's all she said.

If anyone's interested in seeing her actually say what I wrote out, just PM me. Intonation & whatnot doesn't get translated via text.
I agree. Thank you. Those were quite interesting comments.

If I hadn't read PR's recent statements about not returning to DOOL, KA would have me believing that they are working together again now. Outside of that, it's still nice to know she has scenes with Drake, and I am intrigued by the 'something BIG' that happens. At first, I thought the feather pendant was going to be worn in a love scene for Hope. However, my 'take away' from that was KA's probably wearing it in some kind of sexy undercover operation. Anyway, it's nice that she's saying that she's very happy. I look forward to seeing her expanded screen time. She's always been a fave.
She really does sound excited & happy. She's definitely got me excited. & even though she didn't really say anything specific, I did love how she said that she's not just "Detective Hope", which implies that her story isn't just her investigating something.

If Kristian is really working as much as "I have scripts here & others at home to learn" implies, then her guarantee most definitely got increased when she renewed her contract. Only time will tell by how much. Maybe TPTB finally realized that they should change up which of their vets get higher guarantees. We can only hope that Missy & Shawn's guarantees will be decreased to allow for the new characters to have adequate amounts & for lesser used characters to be used more.
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