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S loves EJ
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He is just being himself (love it :wub2: ) but he doesn't care about anyone outside of Sami and his kids and how it affects their relationship and I am glad he is not pretending otherwise.

Eric knows he knew, only a matter of time before the rest of the Bradys do too, eh and all EJ is able to do is give them a name anyway, he has no evidence to clear Eric's name and given the Daniel spoiler, maybe just maybe, he eventually gives it to them.
He doesn't ever care ABOUT Sami....if he did he would care about what she cares about, in addition to him, her kids, she cares about her family...her twin is the one falsely accused of doing something he didn't do. Her twin is the who has been humiliated and lost his job as a result of something he knows happened but can't prove. Ej can prove it...instead of actually helping Eric do that, he does the opposite, accusing him of being a willing participant. Ej cares about EJ....he only sees that if he keeps quiet he has a better chance of staying with Sami...it has NOTHING to do with caring about Sami....he's caring about EJ.,
I do believe EJ cares about Sami and that the best way to keep her to keep quite, but I think he should
realize that it would be better if he tried to clear Eric's name to prove his love for Sami. Maybe I would
not have a problem with him lying about what he knows if he wasn't such an ass about it I don't like
how he kept accusing Eric of being a willing participant. I do think it's in Ejami's characters to keep
secrets but EJ have been to much of an ass in this story for my liking. I do think it make sense that
Sami doesn't tell her secret since she is mad at him but I hope she confides in him once they make up
to show them start working on their trust issues.

I do think it's in EJ's character to not care about Eric but he should realize that what hurts Eric also
Effects Sami.
I must admit after witnessing the conversation between Stefano and EJ in the restaurant and EJ's attitude when Sami's name came up,I look forward what Sami and EJ actually say to one another during their discussion of their relationship.His nonchalant references to getting her back into his bed and marrying her while he was wolfing down food like he hadn't eaten in days seemed more consistent with Sami being a trophy or object,not person, he desired rather than the love of his life.The writers show a lot or foreplay and aggressive sex but not much tenderness between EJ and Sami.Even when he is protective of her it's like the protectiveness a man would have for his red Ferarri not his true love.As I said before,if they are going lock,stock,and barrel with EJ/Sami,why write him intentionally doing something hurtful to her when it is not necessary like putting forth the theory to her and others that the sex was consensual when he knows for a fact that it was not consensual.
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