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S loves EJ
Dec 9 2013, 03:54 AM
I think EJ is inlove with Sami and cares about her but since he is a Dimera and a bad man he isnīt that good at showing it all the time. I understand why he kept the secret in the first place he didnīt wanted to ruin his sisters happiness and he thought they all could be happy if he kept the secret, but the writing after that has been shitty. He could have kept the secret without saying the sex was consensual, and I would have wanted to see him being more conflicted about lying to Samantha instead of acting like an ass. I do love it when EJ is bad but I donīt Think it make sense in this case since they are writing for Ejami as a couple. I think he looked scared of loosing Sami in his conversation with Stefano but in the same he seemed to like lying to her. He needs to learn that a relationship canīt work if itīs based on lies.

I do love it when Ejami have sex but they should also have more romantic tender moments. They need a a more fancy restaurant as a Days set. I want to see romantic dinners and dancing for Ejami.
The writing for Sami/EJ is not normal supercouple material.With most supercouples you feel as if they would risk their lives for each other.That is not what I feel when I see/hear Sami and EJ.This is why I am looking forward to their convesation.
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