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Saw the spoiled list last night before coming here. So disappointed with many picks :( I can't believe they're calling that list 'All-Stars'.

There are SOOOO many other teams I'd have picked. I'm only excited for like two teams because I know what they will deliver. It seems like such a WEIRD mix of teams to me. I can't see any of them interacting, it's like a bizarre version of The Amazing Race, but it could play out wonderfully. Phil again is calling it 'the most competitive' much like this season, which I found incredibly boring.

I'm also bored with them nearly just recycling legs and going to the same route every couple of seasons. I know there's probably so many ways they can do it, but I think something needs to shake the show up. A little bit better casting would help, not that I hated the teams this year, it was just such a, IDK, it was hardly a memorable season, imo.

I'm glad Jason/Amy won though. Finally a couple I can actually be thrilled about winning, they had an amazing track record this season.

Nicole/Travis went from a pretty good team to such a hot mess. They BOTH crumbled under pressure, it just wasn't Nicole as the show wanted to point out. I felt so bad for her, as she struggled all Travis did was basically berate her and make her feel worthless. I'm sure they have a great marriage, we saw it in the beginning, but wow, I was more than ready for Travis to STFU.

Marie was a total nightmare in the beginning but damn if I didn't grow to appreciate her. I mostly liked Tim, he was far from her doormat.

I was eh to the Afghanimals in the beginning but towards their end I grew to like them just because I was so tired of the couples, but I personally don't care if they come back or not next season, to be honest. But I'd bring them back if I was running the show.

I have a LOT of thoughts in the spoiler section.

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