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Dec 9 2013, 01:25 PM
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GH is not way better then DAYS. It's not even close IMO.
IDK how regular viewers feel about GH because I'm not one. But I had to make myself not watch it last week. It's doing the kind of family stuff I love, and even as a non-regular viewer, I sobbed through half of Monday and Tuesday. It's doing the kinds of things I used to love on Days. Even when the stories themselves sucked, they'd throw in family scenes and reunions that I loved. It's actually a little depressing, though, because as I've watched it on GH, I've kind of realized that will never work on Days again. The families have been too disconnected for too long and IMO none of the families on Days are connected enough to really make scenes like that work anymore. It may not be working for GH either for people who have a longer history of the show, though. IDK.
I have to agree - I am a very lapsed viewer of GH, and I couldn't pull myself from the TV on Mon/Tue/Wed...I was instantly connected to what was happening and that has not happened in a long time for me while channel surfing other soaps outside of DAYS.

I agree on the family aspect as well...DAYS has deconstructed their families in a major way...DAYS feels like a bunch of disconnected character reacting to each other. There is no core anymore and what is left of the Brady's & Horton's & DiMera's & Kiriakisis' just feels disjointed, fake and forced.

I will admit I was very sad for DAYS while watching the GH episodes, because those episodes were fulfilling for me what I GREATLY am missing from my own soap.
I'm a lot harder on GH because it's "my soap". Although I've been watching DAYS for awhile, GH is the soap I grew up with and therefore I am harder on the soap. I think everyone's harder on "their" soap.
so true.....Im so much harder on GH and care about it more than days. IMO GH is the better soap overall.
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General Hospital Soars to Near 6-Year High in Total Viewers and Over 2-Year High in Women 18-49 and Women 25-54 · General Daytime News