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If only Addie and Julie (and Doug) scenes were available on YouTube. :'(

yes i would love to see it on youtube :S but in the video of julie and doug second wedding at the end there was a lady going crazy in a room was that addie?
No, that was Lee (Brenda Benet). Trying to make a long story but Julie was once badly burned and divorced Doug because she thought he couldn't love her with her scars. He married Lee (who had been married to his deceased long-lost brother) after Julie divorced him.
To make a shortened story longer... :tounge:

Julie had been talked into the divorce by Laura during theraphy while Laura was secretly going of the mental deep end. (and, for the record, Julie's burns were caused when Maggie's stove blew up in her face). Lee only wanted to marry Doug for his inheritance. And Hope couldn't stand the bitch. Later, Lee's much younger sister Renee came to town & it was discovered that Renee was actually Lee's daughter and Stefano was Renee's biological father. Lee quietly left town off-camera after actress Brenda Benet committed suicide.
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