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Dec 3 2013, 08:01 PM
I loved Thanksgiving 1986, when they celebrated 21 years of DOOL and had tons of awesome flashbacks!






The last clip with the montage to "Greatest Love Affair" is awesome!

Quite honestly ... This is the best episode of DAYS I have ever seen.... I wasn't even a year old yet so I definitely never saw this before... I live for nostalgia though and this episode is packed with it... I may be a 27 year old guy, but I cried so many times during this episode... There are so many things showcased here that makes it kind of sad to see what DAYS had become... The connection between the Hortons and the Brady's was so tight, and all of the flashbacks were amazing... I'd never seen the clip of Doug and Addie before and I loved Doug's fantasy dance with Julie... I absolutely adore Mickey and Maggie so all of their flashbacks were special to me... The small clip of Alex and Marie was nice... I didn't realize how much I miss Frank Parker (Shawn) until I saw this... His scenes with Bo and then the scene where he hugs "Roman" thinking he was back from the dead were awesome!!! The scene where Melissa asks Maggie to cal her mom was a tearjerker too... I like the song at the end as well... Is that Jeffrey Osborne? Sorry for the ramble, I guess I'm just so enthused by all of these scenes... Message to DAYS: Can we please bring some Hortons?? My god!!! I miss the Horton clan!!
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