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Dec 9 2013, 09:57 PM
Dec 9 2013, 09:44 PM
I want to know WHERE Marlena is. Why isn't she having tons of scenes with Sami, Eric, and Brady? And why does Maggie, a much less popular vet, get more airtime than her?

I clearly like Marlena, but I'm not the kind of person to demand airtime. However...it really doesn't make much sense. Marlena has more grown children than anyone else on canvas, but they basically refuse to use her for anything truly family related. She's been getting throwaway Christmas scenes for well over a decade, and this year would have been perfect for an awkward Thanksgiving from hell. They gave her the set up for somewhat of a story in having her be the one to play that DVD, and then they promptly sent her right back to the backburner. They're all mad at her, but it doesn't even matter because she's not onscreen. I don't need them to feature her. But for the love of Pete. Just use her. Can you imagine in 15 years having a Christmas with Will, Johnny, Allie, Sydney and all their children, and Sami just hanging out at her house by herself? I just don't understand why they can't treat their current biggest family onscreen like an actual family. Meanwhile, they're making up family members for all the other families to have those kinds of scenes with.
Yeah, I mean Maggie has one child on canvas. That's it. ONE.

Marlena has THREE. Three fairly popular and prominent characters as her children. All in some kind of current crisis. Yet she disappears? And it irritates me that Maggie will probably be allowed more interaction with Brady than his own step-mother will. That ain't right.

I don't need some big sweeping storyline for her, but Marlena deserves to be in the thick of things with her kids. We should be seeing her bonding with them on a regular basis. I want to see Marlena/Sami/Eric/Brady. Instead we get tons of warm and fuzzies with Maggie/Jennifer.

And yes to Marlena hosting holiday get togethers. And when John comes back, I hope to see John/Marlena become "the family" of the show and really be involve with their kids.
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