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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Richard Cullitonl

Segment 1: Jen wants JJ to tell her the truth about what's going on between him and Daniel. JJ doesn't want to talk about it. Jen does. JJ - It wasn't anything. It was just 'hey, how you doing?' Jen - No because you and Daniel don't 'hey, how you doing?' I thought we were past hiding things and covering up things, right? Or was that just talk? JJ - No, it's not just talk. Jen - Okay then tell me what is going on right now.

Theresa tells Dan she needs to know everything that happened the night he saved her life. Dan - Well what happened is luckily I found you in time and I was able to get you to the hospital. Theresa - Yeah, I know and I'm so appreciative of that and that is one really important thing that happened that night. But there's another one that I really need to know about.

Jordan gets a call from Rafe. He says 'Hey Boss.' Jordan - I'm not your boss. Rafe - I know you finally got some time off; some time to yourself so feel free to say no on this one. I would really like to see my niece. Jordan - I thought you were going to ask something hard. No problem. Rafe - Miss Ridgeway, you are the best. After the call Jordan opens the box with all the fake ID's inside and goes through them. I am Jordan Ridgeway and I'm not going to run. I'm not going to need these this time. Not this time!

Will and Sonny come home with Ari. They call out for Gabi but she's not there.

When they see the birdwatcher Kate & Sami recall dragging Nick's body to the river and then Gabi telling them she heard something. He joins them. Why did you all deceive me when we were down by the river the other night. Did you think I wouldn't find out what you did? Gabi - What are you talking about? What did you see? He smiles.

Dan doesn't get what she's asking. Theresa - I guess Dr. Jonas what I'm asking is what happened between us that night?

JJ - Don't freak out. I was talking to Daniel because I had to. Jen - Why? JJ - Because I know all this stuff between Daniel and Theresa really upset you. Jen - I wish that you hadn't ... JJ - Don't deny it. You know that it did. What you don't know is there's more to the story. There's a lot.

Birdwatcher - What do you mean, what did I see? Kate - Well you know I think what my friend here is referring to is the fact is the three of us were a little giddy that night. We'd been drinking a little too much wine. Sami laughs. Right, we were being so silly. She leans in to Gabi - But come on sweetheart, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Gabi - You're right, I'm sorry. Sami - And believe me, we were making fools of ourselves. Birdwatcher - No, I think I'm the one you made a fool of and don't think for a second you pulled the wool over my eyes.

Segment 2: Sonny and Will determine that Gabi didn't leave a message or note. Sonny - She knew we both had things to do today. He starts sending a text - Was there a shopping crisis ... Will stops him. I don't want to upset her. Sonny - I don't want to either but I have a business to run and you should be writing. Will - Then you go run your business and I'll write here while Ari naps, problem solved. Sonny - Actually that 'I have a business to run' was me on my high horse. Everything's good, T has the club covered so why don't you write and I'll take care of Ari if she wakes up. Will - You really do always look out for me. Sonny - I'm quite wonderful and selfless. Will - Yes, you really are. You were ready to leave everything here and go to New York with me. Sonny - Actually I was ready to leave everything here to go with Ari. Oh, were you going to come to New York with us? Will - Yes. They laugh. Will - My mom was right. Sonny - That's highly unlikely. Will - When she told you I loved you because I really do. Sonny - That works out great because I love you too. They kiss.

Rafe and Jordan are in the hallway outside Sonny's apt. Jordan - It won't be long before we're moving you into your transitional apt. Rafe can't wait for a lot of reasons (he takes her hand). Jordan - It will be a significant milestone in your road to a full recovery.

Sonny and Will break the kiss when the doorbell rings. Will opens the door to Rafe and Jordan. Will - This is a surprise. Rafe - What! Gabi didn't tell you we were coming. Sonny - No, she didn't tell us anything. She's not here.

Kate - I don't know what you're getting at. We're willing to talk about anything you think you saw. Birdwatcher - It's what I didn't see that's the issue; the ? ? (Latin species name). Tsk, tsk. Indeed! Sami - What about it? Birdwatcher - I've seen all kinds of interesting creatures in the woods in my time but I've never seen one of those. So when you pulled that out of your hat I was intrigued so I went back, did my research, and found that the duck billed dinosaur's been extinct for quite some time now. You young lady were pulling my leg or did you actually find it. Kate - No, no, no. My friend here loves pulling practical jokes on people. Man - Oh, I love a good joke and you did have me fooled. So then exactly what were you lovely ladies doing down by the river that night? Kate - Okay then, I don't think we have any choice then but to tell him the truth. Sami nods.

Dan - You're asking if we ... Theresa - Had sex. No, not exactly. I know from my charts that we didn't actually do the deed but I guess what I'm asking is, were we headed in that direction? I mean it kind of looks like we were. That's what G is for, right? Dan - You do know that we didn't have any kind of relationship before that night. Theresa - Yeah except that time that I came on to you and you had no problem shooting me down. In fact you told me you weren't interested at all so now I'm really confused. I don't understand what changed between us that would make you come over to my place that night. He sees that she's near tears. Theresa - Oh god, I think I know.

Jen - I changed my mind. I don't want to talk about this. JJ - I know that you don't but I think we have to because I need you to understand the truth about what happened. Jen - Okay, what would that truth be? JJ - I want to talk to you about before Theresa got here; before we knew anything about her. Jen - I don't understand. JJ - I'm talking about when I first came home after getting kicked out of school. I was angry and I was upset not to mention a liar and a criminal and I did some things. Jen - Honey I know what you did. We put that all behind us. JJ - I'm talking about you and Daniel and what I did to the two of you.

Segment 3: Rafe is sitting on the couch holding Arianna. Will serves Jordan some tea. Will - I think we're all glad Gabi decided not to go to New York after all. Rafe - That's for sure! I told her I was cool with whatever she decided but I'm sure glad I don't have to say goodbye to her and to you, especially you ... he kisses Ari's head. Will - Something changed her mind; I have no idea what it is though. One minute she really wanted to go and the next minute she wanted to stay. Jordan - She probably realised what a drag it would be to be a highly paid model in the most exciting city in the world and she's be missing the Holiday Jumble sale coming up at the hospital. Rafe laughs - No doubt. Sonny comes back in the room. So where's Gabi? I'm sorry. Do you have to go? Will - No, we're fine. Rafe - If it's fine with Jordan I'd love to stay here with Arianna so ... Jordan - Oh yeah, that's fine by me. I don't have to be at the hospital until later. Will - Are you sure? Rafe is. The guys are happy. Will - Give me a call if Gabi doesn't show up and I'll be back in 5 minutes. Thanks. Will and Sonny leave. Rafe - Well it looks like it's just us. Me and you and my boss Jordan.

Sami - I'm sorry to say it's sort of embarrassing. Well it is for my friend - she touches Kate's arm. As hard as it to believe she has a boyfriend. Birdwatcher - Very lucky man! Sami - You would think but he doesn't. I mean we've been discovering over the last bit of time that he may be stepping out on her with a younger, more attractive woman. It's really sad. I mean I've been trying to tell you to stop being so desperate. Kate - Yeah, if only I had listened. Sami - I know, I know. Well anyway, we were following him. Man - Down by the river? You thought that he'd be sighted inflagrante delicto al fresco? Sami laughs - Aren't you funny? Sami - Well he's an outdoorsman so she thought that; she was obsessed with the idea that he had taken this young chitty out to one of those cute little cabins down by the river. The whole thing is so sad; I mean it's humiliating. It's almost like Sunset Boulevard ... Kate - Thank God I have my good friends to turn to. Anyway, unfortunately after you waylaid us ... Sami - Yeah, we lost sight of him. He slipped through our fingers. Birdwatcher - I'm sorry I disrupted your investigation. But I am going back down there tonight to see if I can catch another glimpse of the ? ? so if I see your roving lothario, I shall give him a piece of my mind! Of course, if I find a body, I'll know the three of you got to your victim first. Kate and Sami laugh; Gabi looks stoic. The guy comments - You seem to have a more delicate sensibility than your friends. Sami - Well we're in the process of corrupting her. Gabi reaches for her purse. I have a headache. Guy - What a lovely bag you have. I'm surprised you gave up your backpack. You seemed so attached to it the other night. Well it's been a pleasure seeing you again. Kate - Oh the pleasure was all ours. He leaves. Gabi - He knows. My God, he knows. They beat a hasty retreat.

Theresa has a good idea what he was doing there but he's too much of a gentleman to tell her. Dan - Tell you what? Theresa - That I lied or tricked your or did something awful to make you come over. Dan - I really don't think there's a lot to gain by going over the past. What you need to do; you just need to concentrate on the future. Theresa - I just want you to understand that I feel so guilty and I don't know what happened that night but it must have been pretty pathetic or desperate for me to call you to come over. I don't want to hear it. I don't think I could handle the gory details of my behaviour. As it stands right now I'm pretty ashamed of who I am. I'm not going to run away from my actions so yeah, I might not understand all the details of my OD or what made you come over that night but I do know it was all my fault. I just need you to understand that after what happened that night, after waking up in a hospital, I'm not that same person anymore.

Jen - I don't want to rehash all that. More than anything I want us to move forward and just put the past behind us. JJ - I don't think that we can put it behind us unless we talk about it. You told me before I came home that you were seeing a guy named Daniel Jonas and I didn't like it. But when I came home and actually saw the two of you together I freaked. Jen - I understand that but we've been through all of that. And if I had brought you home right after your father died none of that would have happened. JJ - But it wasn't your fault. It was mine. It doesn't matter when I got home; I would have acted the same way. Look how I acted at school. Jen - Right, because you were in another country and you were alone dealing with incredible grief. As I said if I had brought you here and you were surrounded by your family ... JJ - No, Mom, don't let me off the hook. I did every stupid thing that I could possibly think of to break up the two of you. I made you feel guilty Mom and I lied about Daniel to try and make him look like a bad guy. When that wasn't enough I issued an ultimatum, him or me. And if I hadn't have done that ... Jen - I'm so proud of you for being so honest with me right now but I don't know what you're trying to say. What's done is done. JJ - But it doesn't have to be. If I hadn't been such a jerk Daniel wouldn't have been with Theresa that night and he'd be here for you. So maybe it's not to late to try and fix things. Jen - So are you saying I should give Daniel another chance?

Segment 4: Will and Sonny are in the square. Sonny - I can't help but think that something else is going on with Gabi. She's just been out of it lately. Will - What do you mean exactly? Sonny - I'm not sure what I mean but she was at the club yesterday to meet Rafe and then Kate shows up and they start having this intense conversation. Will - Okay, did you hear what it was about? Sonny - No, that's because it's none of my business but ... Will - You're worried about her. Sonny - A little bit, yes. Will - So the constant bickering is just to pass the time. Sonny - Just because she irritates me doesn't mean that I don't care about her on some level. But all jokes aside, I'm telling you, something is going on with her.

Gabi, Sami and Kate stop outside the pub. Gabi - Okay, just wait. I feel like that guy really knows what we did. Sami - No, he doesn't. He doesn't know anything okay. If he knew something he wouldn't be bird watching, he'd be calling the police. Gabi - Okay then why did he keep asking about the backpack. Kate - He asked once because you were clutching it like you had the crown jewels in there. Gabi - No, only the murder weapon. Sami - Stop using that word. The only reason that he was upset is because he offered to carry it and you freaked out on him. Gabi - Because he knew what was in it. He wanted to know what was in it. Kate - Because he was acting old school nice okay. Gabi - Okay, I'm sorry. I'm just a little freaked out okay. I've been really nervous and panicked and scared. Sami - That's why we're here. We're going to go into the pub. It looks like no one else is in there. It's quiet so we can have a nice cup of team and you can calm down. Gabi - What time is it because I ... Sami - No, you're not leaving. We need to go and have a cup of tea. Honestly, whatever it is, it can wait. We can talk and you can listen. Gabi - Okay. She goes inside. Kate - I am going to calm her down if I have to kill her to do it!

Dan - It sounds like you had some kind of epiphany. Theresa - Oh yeah, overdosing can do that. I want to make amends especially with you. Dan - Really, you don't owe me anything. Theresa - No? I'm kind of on this side of the grass because of you. Dan - I can tell you're trying to change. I wish you the best; I do, sincerely. Theresa - So despite everything we're okay? Dan - We're okay but if I could have you do something for me. Could you find it in your heart to be kind to Jennifer. You don't have to be best friends, just steer clear of her. I think that would be best for everybody involved. Theresa - You still love her, don't you? Dan - Why would you ask me that?

JJ - I can't tell you what to do but considering everything that I've done maybe you just want to talk to the guy. Jen - Hon, this isn't about what you've done. JJ - But you were really happy with him; I know you were and I want to see you happy again. Jen - I'm happy that we're okay and I'm happy that you're owning up to the things that you did. But I don't want to talk with you about Daniel. JJ - You did break up with him. Jen - Okay, so he went for Theresa! Honey, you're a kid and you realised how poisonous and dangerous she is so Daniel goes for this vindictive, troubled girl? I'm telling you right now, he is not the man that I thought he was. But you know what, it worked out for the best. It really did and I need you to accept that. JJ - I guess I don't have much of a choice. Jen hugs him - Thank you.

Segment 5: Theresa - I am going to do my best to be good to Jennifer which translates to I'll stay away from JJ. Dan - That would be great. I've got to go. Theresa - I just wanted to say thanks for everything; for saving my life. I really do want to be a better person. Dan - I believe you do. Theresa - I know you've got to go but before you do I just want to let you know that I'm going to let my family know that you're nothing but a gentleman and that there's nothing going on between us. Dan - I appreciate that but ... Theresa - And I don't really have many friends here which I know you know and which is completely my fault and I'm sure that you'd love to stay away from me which you should. But if it gets really bad, I don't have anyone to talk to, do you think I could stop by for maybe 5 minutes. Dan - That would be fine but I've really got to go. I have to pick my son up. Theresa - He's a lucky kid to have a Dad like you. Dan - I'm the lucky one. Take care of yourself. He leaves.

JJ is sitting on a bench in the park when Rory walks up. So your mom let you off your leash. Got big plans for the day? Maybe a trip to the Malt Shoppe; go crazy and get two scoops of vanilla. JJ - I forgot how funny you were. Rory - It's great seeing you dude. I hope you don't pass out from shear goodness. JJ - Can I ask you a question? Rory - Am I holding? Am I ready to have some fun? JJ - When we were dealing and doing all that stuff, we took a lot of risks, didn't we? Rory - You, me, Lady GaGa, we're all on the edge. JJ - Sometimes it worked. Rory - Sometimes? Most of the time man. Are you thinking of getting the business back together because I'm totally down. JJ - No. I don't want to deal. It's just that I'm thinking about taking another type of risk. While it could come back and bite me, it's just something that I have to do. I'll see you around man. He leaves. Rory mutters - Great talking with you jerk!

Jordan - So how does an old single guy like you get so good with babies? Rafe - Well, as you know her name is Arianna Grace and Gabi and I, we had a sister named Arianna who we lost a couple of years ago. And Grace, well, when Sami and I were together she had a baby girl, Grace and we helped bring her up together. Jordan - I thought her name was Sydney. Rafe - That's a long story. The babies were switched. Even though she wasn't Sami's biologically we could not have loved her any more. She was the sweetest, cutest thing. She had this goofy smile ... Jordan - Had? Rafe - Yeah, had. She passed away. She was a little bit younger than Arianna is now. Jordan - How horrible. Rafe - Yeah she was sick. Now I try and think about the great times we had. We had a lot of them, Sami, me and all her kids. There wasn't a second she wasn't loved. Jordan - That happy family that you always hear about. Rafe - Yeah. I have to know where Gabi is. Can you hold her while I text her? Jordan takes Ari.

Gabi gets a text. Oh no. That's what I was forgetting! Rafe is coming over to the house so I ... Sami grabs Gabi's cell and replies. Sorry, I'm running late. Gabi - No, Sami, no! Sami - Yes. Kate - You are in no condition to see Rafe right now. Sami - He says he's fine. He says he's watching Ari for Will and he's glad to have time with her. You're in a wheelchair. He says that Jordan is with him; they're watching her together. Kate - Of course she is. Gabi - He's probably telling her how much I let him down by sleeping with Nick. Sami - Why would you tell your brother about that? Gabi snaps - I didn't. She did! Kate - Because you were about to confess that you killed Nick ... Sami - Okay can we all stop talking about that! And you ... you can not tell your brother. You understand how serious this is, right? Rafe can not just sweep something like this under the rug. He will have no choice but to send us all to prison.

Rafe has Ari again. Thank you so much for doing this for me. Jordan - And her. They talk about Ari. Rafe - Did you have any brothers or sisters? Jordan - I was an only child.

Gabi - He's not going to arrest us because he's never going to find out, right. You can make sure that he's never going to find out. Sami - Yes as long as you can keep your mouth shut. Can you do that? Gabi - I can. Kate - Good because if you can't all three of us are going to go to prison for the m word, do you understand that?

Segment 6: Rafe continues to play with Ari; he and Jordan banter about her being 'bossy-pants'. Jordan likes to think of herself as being a motivator. She likes to think of them as a team. Rafe - I like the sound of that. Jordan - Your uncle is incorrigible. Rafe - Oh God here it comes. I consider myself your physical therapist and that's why we can't be close friends. It's all good. I respect that. Which is why as soon as I get my new apt. you're fired.

Will - I get why you think something might be wrong with Gabi but Rafe doesn't seem concerned. If something were going on with her I'd think he would know. Sonny - You're probably right. Will is going to head to the library. They kiss and part ways. Sonny - I sure hope you're right about Gabi.

Gabi - I think this would be a lot easier if I didn't keep having these nightmares about Nick showing up and tormenting me. Sami - I understand. They must be terrifying. I keep imagining him grabbing on to me, pulling me underwater. Kate - Great. Let's go over all the fun details all over again Sami. Sami - The point is I think it's our subconscious' way of reminding us what a horrible, evil human being Nick Fallon was and he totally got what he deserved. Will walks up outside the pub and peers through the window and sees Gabi with his mom and grandmother. What the hell!

Dan and Parker are in the square. Dan is telling him who they have presents for. All that's left is who? Parker - Jennifer. Parker sees Jen and goes running to her and gives her a big hug. Jen says hi.

Theresa opens her door and sees JJ. She starts to close it but he stops her. Theresa - I told you I can't be around you. JJ - I promise you this will be the last time I ever bother you but I'm not leaving until you know the truth and until I try to make things right. Theresa - What are you talking about? JJ - I'm talking about the night you almost died.

Segment 7: Jordan is by the bassinette. She went to sleep just like that. That is a sweet baby. Rafe - I'm so sorry my sister is late. Jordan - It's fine. I have time besides it's nice to see this side of you. Rafe - The babies turn me to mush side? Jordan - Does that mean you want to have kids of your own someday? I'm sorry that was way too personal. Rafe - No, it's cool. It's a perfectly valid question and the answer is yes, someday I do want kids.

Gabi - You're right. I was just defending myself when ... Sami - Exactly. You had to. You had to hit him to stop him from raping you. Gabi - Okay but maybe if I had just called the police or an ambulance earlier ... Kate - It wouldn't have made any difference. This is Nick Fallon that we're talking about. Do you think he would have said 'Oh yes she hit me on the head with a rock, no big deal.' No, he would have found a way to torture you. Gabi - Yeah, he would have. Sami - That is why it is so important that you don't tell anyone about this. No one can ever know. Will walks up - So, what is going on here?

Jen - You look like you've been Christmas shopping. Dan - For Mom, yeah. He's going to go and see her for Christmas. Jen tells Parker that is amazing. Jen wishes them Merry Christmas. She starts to leave but stops. I'm sorry to intrude but there's something that I need to know; something that only you can tell me.

Theresa signals for JJ to come inside. She closes the door. JJ - I know that you don't remember that night. Theresa - Yeah, I don't and I don't want to either. JJ - I get it but there's something you need to know. Theresa - I'm really not in the mood to talk about ... JJ - Just hear me out okay. Daniel wasn't the one that was with you that night, at least not until you OD'd. The guy that you were partying with and the one you overdosed with was me. Theresa laughs.
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