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GH is not way better then DAYS. It's not even close IMO.
IDK how regular viewers feel about GH because I'm not one. But I had to make myself not watch it last week. It's doing the kind of family stuff I love, and even as a non-regular viewer, I sobbed through half of Monday and Tuesday. It's doing the kinds of things I used to love on Days. Even when the stories themselves sucked, they'd throw in family scenes and reunions that I loved. It's actually a little depressing, though, because as I've watched it on GH, I've kind of realized that will never work on Days again. The families have been too disconnected for too long and IMO none of the families on Days are connected enough to really make scenes like that work anymore. It may not be working for GH either for people who have a longer history of the show, though. IDK.
I think with the right executive producer and head writer Days could have this again. This is just my opinion but when Cartini took over at GH it was teetering on the brink of cancellation. Part of this was due to the heavy emphasis on the mob stuff in the 2000's and the way core legacy families like the Quartermaines and Scorpios at 2011 were shells of their former selves. Then as Tony Geary said in an interview awhile back, Frank and Ron came in and wrote for those core families and "saved our bacon." We got AJ back from the dead which gave Monica Q airtime, Anna Devane as Police Commissioner, and some old school villains like Cesar Faison. And while beloved vets like Anna and Duke are back, Sonny is still a very relevant character but both he and Luke Spencer are being written MUCH better. Especially Luke.

It's weird but as much as I love GH under Cartini there's still stuff that they have done that has annoyed the hell out of me. The Franco recast springs to mind but I blame that more on the Prospect Park mess than anything else. And others but I think one poster on the board put it best and I can't remember who said this but in essence when Frank and Ron are bad, they can be awful. But when they're good they make up for every bad thing they have done.

Also and again this is entirely my own opinion but in my view Frank and Ron are more receptive to audience feedback and give their fans more of what they want than Tomsell at Days. But that's just my own perception.
Maybe. IDK. I just look at characters like Sami who have been on the show for as long as they have. And if Sami died and came back to life, I can't imagine AT ALL her having any kind of meaningful reunions. And I'm sure she'd have some superficial ones with immediate family, but outside of that? And she's been on the show 20 years. And it's not just Sami I can't see it with. She's just the one who has been around the longest without having any kind of separation/reunion story like that. I can't really see it with anyone on Days anymore. John sort of got stuff like that in 2008, but nowhere nearly as emotional (of course he'd only been gone about 12 weeks, lol).
I think there's at least 2 reasons for this.

One, Days has really shot themselves in the foot by not developing careers for their characters and showing workplace interactions. They haven't really done this since the Serial Killer/Melaswen saga took over the show. And workplace interactions are great ways to further develop character relationships. Maxie and Lulu didn't like each other at all until they started working together at Crimson; we got to see Dante and Lucky working together at the PCPD and a genuine respect grew between them to the point where Lucky took Dante's side in his fights with Lulu; we saw Robin working at GH with Epiphany and Elizabeth. Also we got to see Anna and Dante working well together at the PCPD so it was believable that Anna would tell Dante's parents when he went missing that she would hate to lose a friend and officer like him. And outside careers and skills add to story line potential as in the case of Robin. Before her "death" we saw her on more than one occasion develop drug protocols to cure seriously ill patients, so it's not a stretch at all to think that Jerry would want her to work on curing his pulonium 210 poisoning.

Reason #2 is the lack of any core members of the Last Blast gang on Days. Especially Shawn and Belle. An important generational connection is missing due to their absence. Belle and Brady were very close growing up yet EM's Brady has yet to have any onscreen interactions with his "Tink." This is perhaps why the sibling interactions of Brady, Sami and Eric seem a bit off to some because Brady should be having those sibling bonds with Belle and Philip (when that group was SORASed I always felt that Philip's best friend should have been Brady, not Shawn-D).
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