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^ My face watching DAYS

Dec 10 2013, 10:43 AM
I enjoy the acting of Bird Man, but the blocking during their scenes was strange. Walking behind them in an already cramped space was distracting and unnatural. When I sit down with friends at a cafe, I sit and talk to them; I don't circle them like a professor or interrogator. The backpack comment was also ridiculous.

Other than that, I once again really loved the dynamic of all the characters in those scenes, even though it was nothing new. I actually didn't mind as much that Kate didn't get a few swipes in at Sami, because it wouldn't have fit the lie they spun. However, I would like either Sami's small brain or the writers (slightly) larger brains to come up with some jokes with a different punchline than "Haha, Kate's old." It's getting...well, old.

I also wish Sami or Kate would have a one-on-one conversation that better explains their reasons for killing Nick. The motive they're expressing to Gabi is moronic; the police absolutely would have believed her, so can one of the 'corrupted' remaining two admit that this was the perfect way to finally get rid of someone that was causing them and their families too many problems? (I used to defend them as not being capable of murder, but it's been too many years and too many dead bodies for that to be true.)

Sidenote: I want to burn all of Daniel's jewelry. It may be 50% of his douche factor for me.

His hair, stained shirts, year round tan and shmarmy face make up the other 50!
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