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Finally getting to see today's episode. I'm not fully onboard the Ejabby 'ship, but I'm not against it, necessarily. I do think they have good chemistry, and unlike a few posters, I don't think he was playing her, at least not at this point. He seemed genuinely thoughtful when she told him he wasn't quite pulling off the bad guy act, as if there's a part of him that wishes that were true. (Not that I think he does have the capacity to be a good guy, but I do think sometimes EJ wishes it were true).

Rafe/Jordan are cute together, but I think we need some conflict/drama with them before I can fully root for them. Right now, they have more potential than anything else. Let's see if that continues once they hit a big snag.

I felt so sorry for Gabi, being hammered on either side by Kate and Sami. I didn't blame her a bit for making her escape. Those two are exhausting!

I don't hate Daniel when he's away from Jennifer, but when they're together, it's like nails on a chalkboard. Which probably means that it's really Jennifer I don't like, doesn't it? I hate that, because I loved Jennifer back in the Jack and Jen days. I'd like to love her again, but it's not going to happen with Daniel and apparently it's not going to happen without him, either.

Sure hope Eric and Nicole are on tomorrow.

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