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indeed - thanks for confirming it six :-/ .

Did not mean to suggest you are old, Supergirlx2!! ;) I had a "momentous" bday this year I am still trying to come to grips with and now to me early 90s seems like EONS ago and there is indeed a whole generation who don't know what quality Nickelodeon like that used to be ;) So boohoo to me..... lol
i had a "momentous" bday myself this year. it's scary that there are teenagers who were born in this century. lol. i'm not sure i've fully been able to accept that fact yet.
me. too.

:'( :cheers:

anyhoo...back to the show, how about that EJ and Abigail, amiright?
& how abouts them Tiara.

On a serious note, I did love Hope's reactions & statements regarding Bo. Especially her line to Abby about how "sometimes you just don't have a choice in the matter", referring to being happy without a man in your life. Not sure if everyone noticed, but after that line, you can 1/2 see Abby put her hands on Hope's.
I wonder if that bit might be foreshadowing something, and not just being Hope's reflection on the last year. I do wish we'd gotten to see more of Hope & Ciara missing Bo throughout the year, not just inserting it when the plot point was necessary.

Also, KA looks like she should be playing KM's older sister, not someone who's older than Abby's mom.
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