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Dec 10 2013, 11:29 PM
^That man confuses the shit out of me. Less than a month ago, he was saying that he might return in a year or two, depending on the state of soaps. Now he's saying it's not gonna happen.
If we're going with this current "are you returning" response, can we kill Bo off now & free Hope from the off-screen ball she's chained to? (assuming they haven't already, but i sure as hell hope they have!)
i am so hoping it means they ARE killing off Bo, or already have. They seriously, seriously need to. I mean, recasting could work too I suppose, but I really don't want a recast. Hope's upcoming story really needs to be Bo's dead and where does she go from here? And Shawn D should come back to Salem (Jason!!). That would add a huge element for me, but even KA's mourning will be awesome. Well, it should be anyway. I don't want her "mourning" to be like Jen's over Jack.

Anyway, preaching to the choir, I know.
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