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Dec 10 2013, 05:50 PM
Dec 10 2013, 04:58 PM
Dec 10 2013, 04:36 PM
None of this makes sense. Teresa isn't telling anyone she slept with Daniel. Jennifer decided that is what happened. Teresa even told her the other day she made up everything. What is the point?
To let Jennifer be the instrument of her own torture?

Jeannie T knows how to push 'Jenny's' buttons but good. What better way than to tell the truth to that judgmental shrew that Jennifer has become and then watch her go off. The motivations behind this return to dark side manipulation were explained by Jeannie's resentment of her parents bringing Jennifer in as judge and jury of her fate and making their daughter grovel to her. That scene came off as OOT at the time, but it served a plot purpose.
At this point, Jennifer is sabotaging herself--without any help from Theresa or JJ. Daniel's choosing to keep his mouth shut (although if this show didn't rely so heavily on characters being stupid to drive the plots, he could reveal enough of the truth to get himself off the hook and still leave JJ completely out of it). But Jennifer's choosing to believe the worst of him, to ascribe malicious motives to him on virtually no evidence but gossip and her own wounded ego. Stinker though she is, Theresa was dead right when she said Jennifer loves to think the worst of people. And she hates to be wrong about anything. Her current conversations with Daniel all consist of her telling him what a horrible person he is and how right she was to break up with him. She's constantly justifying herself and blaming everyone else. Daniel thought he was getting the Sweetheart of Salem. Instead, he got a judgmental shrew who refuses to give him the benefit of the doubt. When the truth comes out and Jen-Jen comes to fawn at his feet again, I hope he has more sense than to take her back, because the whole cycle would just start all over again the next time an attractive woman who's not a blood relation enters his orbit.
As manipulative and amoral as she may be, Theresa is completely right about Jennifer. She's an immature, selfish, whiny harpy with shockingly little empathy or compassion for people who are struggling.

Daniel is now finally getting a taste of the abuse Jen-Jen heaped on Jack following his ordeal in Afghanistan. Hopefully Daniel will get the chance to tell off the judgmental hag the way I would have loved to have seen Jack do.
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