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Dec 10 2013, 03:36 PM
I don't get the big deal about the "denying access to your body" line. I mean, isn't that exactly what she's been doing? She didn't move out. She didn't break up with him. She didn't tell him she doesn't love him. Instead, she told him she's not going to share her secret and she's not going to have sex with him. So, he's basically just saying he's sick of his punishment in the exact terms she defined it.
The "denying me access to your body" line sounded like the lord of the manner line to a serving wench in a novel set in the eighteenth century,it was creepy.That is not a statement a man in love makes to the woman he loves.It is as if he is more concerned with the fact that he is not getting any than the loss of the emotional closeness between them.As I said in posting about the scene between EJ and Stefano,EJ seems to see Sami as a trophy not the love of his life.There is very little tenderness between Sami and EJ,he showed more tenderness to Abby today than Sami.All you get with them is shouting,pushing,grabbing,aggressive sex,a variation on the deadbaby sex not love with tenderness.
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