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Dec 10 2013, 04:58 PM
Dec 10 2013, 04:36 PM
None of this makes sense. Teresa isn't telling anyone she slept with Daniel. Jennifer decided that is what happened. Teresa even told her the other day she made up everything. What is the point?
To let Jennifer be the instrument of her own torture?

Jeannie T knows how to push 'Jenny's' buttons but good. What better way than to tell the truth to that judgmental shrew that Jennifer has become and then watch her go off. The motivations behind this return to dark side manipulation were explained by Jeannie's resentment of her parents bringing Jennifer in as judge and jury of her fate and making their daughter grovel to her. That scene came off as OOT at the time, but it served a plot purpose.
The scene served a plot purpose, but it was a great example of how the show ignores characterization to serve plot. You're absolutely right that Jeannie T's resentment of how Jennifer was brought in to be judge and jury, plus Jennifer's utter lack of compassion, is logical fuel for Jeannie T's current actions.

But that begs the much larger questions about that original scene. First, why did Shane and Kim have Jennifer be the judge and jury, when she had no real reason to be involved in the decision? Second, why did Jennifer have so little compassion for Jeannie T when she has a long history of being willing to forgive far worse people than Jeannie T? Neither of those questions have good answers except that it was necessary to involve Jennifer in the story and provide fodder for Jeannie's anger. As a result, the original scene made Shane and Kim look like total idiots and horrible failures as parents, while Jennifer came off as a horrid bitch. Sure it serves the plot, but it's character assassination of the highest order.

And this is coming from someone who likes the character of Theresa and what she (and Jen Lilley) brings to the table. I was just realizing tonight as I watched that I wish they had made Theresa the daughter of Eve Donovan. She could still have had a connection to Shane and Kim, and it could have been explained that Eve dumped her kid on them so Theresa grew up with nannies and in boarding schools. (The show could have fudged how long Shane and Kim have been reunited or it could have come up with some reason why Theresa spent time with Kim as a teen to give her some history with some of the Bradys.) And making her Eve's daughter could have given her a real motivation for hating Jennifer, plus explained her personality so much better.
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