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Dec 11 2013, 04:42 AM
Dec 11 2013, 02:40 AM
Just saw the Abby and Ej scene.. not sure what I thought, something felt off. Have to look at it later today again.
I agree. Something was off. I am getting more of a friend vibe. In earlier scenes in 2012, js was paying EJ will flirty smiles and kisses on the cheek for Abby. Now, he's much more subdued in last few scenes I've seen. I would love for ejabby to get together, but I just don't feel anything coming off js in these scenes as EJ with km as Abby. I saw more passion in his acting with Sami unfortunately today. Unless, he's going for the nonchalant and friends vibe with Abby because EJS proclaiming his love for Sami left and right. He's fought for her for so long, I doubt he's feeling anything for Abby right now. I like that though. A slow build is good like Rafe and Jordan. I like the fact EJ was warm and caring to Abby and they connected on a deep level about jack. That gives more substance to the pairing, so it makes sense now how js would pay it. I have never seen EJ connect with any other woman intellectually the way he connects deeply with Abby. I love that. I love how simple and non dramatic it is.

Rafe and Jordan are on fire. I hope they get married and have babies.

Theresa, love her. The new jan spears sort of. I think it's great to have a younger villainess on the show. Love it! Jen Lilley is amazing.

The whole Sami, Gabi, and Kate is behind dragged out. I think Gabi is going to crack.

Daniel and Jennifer bore me. Please move on from this couple!

Theo and Ciara delight me, but I miss Peter as Bo.

I don't think EJ was wrong about asking for sex from Sami. Normal couples have sex. I am just sick of the drama with these two. The games are old, but I love the amazing acting and passion they bring o their scenes together. I just wish Sami would just love ej for who he is, but Sami is Sami.

My only question is, if EJ gets with Abby, who will sami date? Lucas and Rafe are spoken for right?

Maybe Brandon comes back.
EJ is not leaving Sami for Abby so that is not going to be an issue.
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