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* After keeping silent for so long, Sami finally comes clean with EJ

* Jordan sends someone a mysterious email

* Daniel receives an unexpected surprise for Christmas

* Anne attempts to thwart another Horton holiday tradition

* It doesn’t look good for Brady when someone catches him with a drug dealer.


**UPDATED 12/12**

Monday ("Difficult News")
Hope breaks difficult news to Ciara about Bo; Jordan sends a mysterious e-mail.

Tuesday ("Making Amends")
Victor tries to make things right with Maggie; Brady celebrates the holidays by getting high.

Wednesday ("Christmas")
The Hortons celebrate Christmas; Gabi is threatened by Julie.

Thursday ("Theresa Conspires")
Theresa plots with Anne so she can rescue Daniel; Abigail is shocked by JJ's change in attitude.

Friday ("Theresa Asks JJ For a favor")
Theresa asks JJ for a favor regarding Daniel; Will suspects Sonny and Gabi are hiding something from him.

Eric tries to figure out the meaning behind his dream about Nicole.
EJ offers his support to Sami. 

Victor pays Eric an unexpected visit.

Jordan is conflicted when Rafe sends her a surprise Christmas gift.

Nicole and Eric are thrown into a situation that reminds them of when they first fell in love.
Brady throws JJ under the bus in order to save face with Daniel.
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