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* After keeping silent for so long, Sami finally comes clean with EJ

...and EJ offers his help to cover everything up, Sami accepts his help and they seal the deal with angry sex. Then Sami will hear about EJ's secret and proceed to condemn EJ for being evil, opening the door for EJ to have angry sex with a smitten Abigail. Too much to ask?

* Jordan sends someone a mysterious email

Dear Rafe, I am Jordan's.... friend from college. I heard she likes you but you really got to trim those eyebrows. They scare her as well as your niece. Love, Jordan's friend from college.

* Daniel receives an unexpected surprise for Christmas

All the Salemites organize a birthday celebration for Daniel, for he is Jesus incarnate, and they bask in his greatness and holiness.

* Anne attempts to thwart another Horton holiday tradition

Big mean Anne will hurt poor wittle Jennifer somehow.

* It doesn’t look good for Brady when someone catches him with a drug dealer.

My interest in this spoiler really depends on who that person is.
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