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imo, they're doing a really good job at laying the ground work for a temp EJ/Sami split thought would allow EJ/Abby to briefly happen
Yeah, I had the same thought yesterday with the contrasting Ejabby and Ejami scenes.

You've got this very real, flawed, passionate and extreme relationship with Ejami that is clearly coming apart at the seams right now because of mistrust on both sides. EJ feels like he's sacrificed everything, given everything and loved as much as possible, and it still may not be enough.

And then he's got this starry-eyed girl who thinks he's really a good guy deep down. There's no baggage, no complexity, no drama. So yeah, I can see how that's going to appear attractive at this moment. He may not take the plunge, but I think he will definitely be tempted at least. And if Ejami does go on a break for awhile, then I think they will probably hook up for a little while.
Unfortunately I don't see anything separating EJ and Sami anytime soon.
He may have a momentary flirtation with Abby but that will just send Sami hurtling back to him with the force of forty enraged bulls.

Rafe is supposedly tied up with Jordan.
Lucas apparently has a new love interest coming on board.

I don't know what they would have Sami "do" if she's not with EJ.
Yeah, I definitely don't see them splitting up Ejami for reals in the near future. When I'm talking about a break, I'm thinking more about a short-lived thing where EJ pulls a Ross Geller in that time period. But I could also see it being a one-sided thing on Abby's part that never gets further than some near kiss moment. Obviously that's my preference because an Evergail love story has zero appeal to me.
If they break up Sami and Ej....where will Sami live? Theresa is now using her apartment and I dont think Days have any money for a new set so my guess is She stuck with EJ at the mansion :blulaugh: :blulaugh: :blulaugh:
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