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Don't see a break up either. I see Abby making Sami think something happen though, testing the whole trust thing that they are currently working on.
Oh I can see something momentary for sure, break-up wise. It's been spoiled that EJ finds out what Sami's hiding and confronts her about it and/or that Sami confesses everything re: Nick. But EJ is still holding back the fact he knew (for all of an hour, but still knew) the whole truth of what Kristen did to Eric (although I feel they played up how much he knew in those recent scenes with Stefano, over what happened when EJ actually found out, but if that is the new reality the show wants to put forth, then I'll take it). So that still has to come out, and from the how much those scenes with Stefano focused on how end-of-the-world it would be if Sami were to find out, I feel I can expect some decent if temporary fall out there. If after their "momentous" talk today Sami comes clean about her secret but EJ doesn't - and it's a secretly that directly impacts someone Sami cares about immensely (so I don't understand the idea her keeping a secret and EJ keeping a secret brings them to any kind of a draw) - I can see that as grounds enough for a split and then for something to happen with Abby, which would complicate things further. There are many holes there that need adequate filling and writing that needs to happen, but I can see a Ejami break happening. I don't see it as a long-term, but I can see it happening.
I think if the spoilers are right and
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and he still doesn't come clean about ALL he knows then it'll be the means to end her relationship with him. You see, here is a woman who's twin is being humiliated and everyone in town knows that he's trying to prove his innocence here. Problem is there isn't much evidence for that to happen. Sami wants someone to help, heck she even went to Nicole for that.....so for Ej to have the means to do it and not go forth with it....truly is a problem I can see her breaking it off. If it's true about the spoiler above, then why wouldn't he disclose his own complete truth at the point she's telling him...it's the perfect opportunity to do so...'now that you've come clean and trusted me with this....and in an effort to prove that you can trust me too, here is what I know...' instead it looks like he'll continue to hold the truth.....unless something else happens with Abby that can lead to an Ejami break up right before there wedding, I still think this will be the thing that ends them in the foreseeable future.
We don't know that EJ isn't going to come clean. He might in order to save Eric's life. He just needs to stop taking Stephano's advice and burn that portrait on the wall. When has Stephano's advice ever worked for him?

Brilliant scenes with EJ and Sami today. James and Ali nailed them - I was literally breathless.
You are right, we don't -- that whole exchange was mostly about laying out hypotheticals that might explain a break for Ejami. That was the point. If as spoiled Sami tells her secret, but if EJ keeps his, and if the truth of what happened to Eric comes out without EJ saying a word, that could be definite grounds for a break. But I don't think anyone said it was for certain going to happen this way or that it was a known fact EJ would stay quiet.
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