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Dec 11 2013, 09:37 PM
Dec 11 2013, 08:11 PM
Dec 11 2013, 07:53 PM
I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. I think the writers made up the "not trusting each other" and insecurity thing because they didn't want to deal with the real actual issues of why there is no trust. They are whitewashing them. The not trusting each other was Lumi's problem that happened after betrayals and lies that ended their honest friendship, and they really worked through the whys, and hows and forgiveness, and I didn't find that boring at all. E;ami began as lies, and escalated from there to open destruction and sadism. That's why I say they're not dealing with the issues.

Listing the sins and apologizing would be boring. I don't think having an in depth discussion about such agonizing subject matter would be boring.
Okay, I can understand why you don't believe that today's show was starting to get to their real issues. So if it's not a lack of trust and associated insecurities, what do you think are the underlying issues behind Ejami's destructive and sadistic behavior toward each other that they need to deal with?
For a start Sami could straight up ask him why he did some of those things, and not accept any dodging or bullshit answers. The majority of what Sami did was in direct retaliation for threats and attacks against herself and her family.

EJ threw it into Sami's face that she raped Austin when she was 16 and the Devil told her that it would make Austin love her. She was wrong for what she did those years ago, and right there was a point when she could have brought up Arnold, and demanded some real answers from him about why he broke the promise he made to God in exchange for Johnny's sight, and why he took such joy in her pain, and in scaring her daughter.

They were supposed to work through a truce together, for Johnny. At that point they were supposed to work on forgiving. Instead, EJ gave the go ahead for Allie, a complete innocent, to be kidnapped.
You pretty much listing their "sins" which everyone who watches the show is very well aware of.

The underlying cause of their "sins" is their "issue" of hurt/love&loss/mistrust/ lies/secret blah bla bla....and that's what they are trying to deal with(atleast in today's episode). I understand your (and some others) need for them to go through their "sins" and maybe apologies to each other but i agree with those who think that working on the root cause will not only help them deal with their past but also prevent( maybe reduce, its Ejami afterall :blulaugh: ) these horrible thing from happening in their future :wink:
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