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Dec 11 2013, 09:36 PM
Today was great!

Ejami was hot fiyah! :rockon: So many emotions! Great job by JS/AS! :applause: I was cheering Sami on for most of the episode! Damn, she slapped him HARD! That's probably what JS referred to in MF's DOD interview. By the end of it, I was probably just as teary eyed as them, and pissed at EJ for not telling the truth. :facepalm:

Theresa is one COLD PIECE!!! OMG I LOVE HER!! Poor JJ, tho. :shame:

Jordan and her Olivia Pope- esque coat was gorgeous as always. I wasn't sure if Rafe was clueless or a jerk today. It's probably both. I wish Kate would cut her losses and let Rafe go. She's a flawfree woman in a fur coat. She can do better!

Sorry, Will. No one is thinking about you or your birthday.

If Tad knows what's good for him, he needs to stay away from Gabi. She's a walking disaster. :ermm:
I think the scene that James was talking about was the Fafe confrontation from July a couple of years back. If you watch it and think about in the DOD interview that James described her dropping her shoulder and coming up with a hook it is exactly what she did in that scene. She actually belted him twice with her fist...there was no slap involved. Joe Mascolo couldn't even watch and Tamara Braun 's reaction was priceless. James even messed up his next line because he called Taylor "Samantha" and Alison was shaking her hand like it hurt.
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