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Viewing Single Post From: Wednesday, December 11th Daily Discussion

Dec 12 2013, 01:56 AM
The REAL issue this show fails to address with EJ and Sami is the way theyve treated one another since day one has been nothing more than hateful and disgusting. They have no real LOVE story. just two people who get off by fucking. Pretty sick since their "first" time was forced and degrading. Instead Days tries to act like its two people deeply in love with "issues" when Ive seen her choose other men over him first till they finally dumped her ass and her show no respect or regard for EJ since she shot him in THE HEAD. Thats why I cant take anything about them seriously or find them rootable. EJ is obviously a bully and Sami needs her head checked. Ive been over their crap for 7 years. Days needs to move on already.
I am not saying that it cannot be done but thus far the writers have not penned anything that make EJ and Sami rootable as a couple for me although I find I can accept each of them with other partners.
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