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You'll have to point me toward the people who are mystified about why Jennifer and Abby dislike Theresa, or not, since that's a separate issue.
Well I have been mystified by Jennifer's and Abby's hatred toward Theresa because it started from day one, well before there was any connection to JJ. I also thought Jennifer was over-the-top on blaming Theresa for JJ's drug use, as if she caused it, when Jennifer knew JJ had been dealing drugs at boarding school. And to top it off, I was baffled by Jennifer's behavior following Theresa's OD and at the pub. Jennifer has acted all along like Theresa is the devil incarnate but what she actually saw was a some want lazy, insolent employee who didn't kiss her ass. And Jennifer never once made any effort to try to get over her instant hatred for the sake of helping her old friends Shane and Kim -- you know, the people who went to bat for Jennifer to get the evidence that forced Lawrence to confess to raping Jennifer or who twice saved Jennifer's life when she and Jack were lost and presumed dead.

Now, in part due to her own actions, Jennifer has turned Theresa into the devil she always claimed she was. I don't think Theresa had any intention of hurting JJ -- and would have gone to bat for him with Jennifer -- until Jennifer played judge and jury over Theresa's life. That's the irony of the situation, and Jennifer contributed it to her by being judgmental and unwilling to even try to work with Theresa. So by assuming Theresa was responsible for ruining JJ's lifefrom the start, when JJ was doing it on his own, Jennifer now has pushed Theresa to actually want to ruin JJ's life.
I HATE to defend Jennifer in ANY way. But her first introduction to Theresa was when she found her sitting in her living room, waiting for JJ, clearly up to no good. JJ was already backsliding and Jennifer knew it. I'm sure the arrival of some sketch older woman looking to score with her baby boy went a long way in cementing Jennifer's hate of Theresa.
I understand that was Jennifer's first encounter with Theresa, but at the time, Jennifer didn't think JJ was using drugs. At the most, his "backsliding" was that he was ditching school and getting detention. So my problem with that scene being the basis for Jennifer's hatred is that her response was inconsistent with what she purportedly believed about JJ at the time. If Jennifer believed JJ was in trouble with drugs at the time, it might have made sense for her to think Theresa was pushing them on JJ, but Jennifer was clueless about JJ's problems. So maybe she thought Theresa was some sketchy older woman trying to hit on JJ, but that could have easily been handled with "hey, do you realize he's 17 and not legal?" Instead, Jennifer treated Theresa like she had committed some cardinal sin for being with JJ that one time and acted like she was a horrible human being from then on. When she found out Theresa had been hired, despite knowing nothing about her, Jennifer was immediately opposed to working with her and made no effort whatsoever to see if they could make things work. One of her very first statements to Theresa was about getting a map so she could avoid getting lost and having to stop by the Horton house (and she bitched all over town about how horrible her assistant was, including to Theresa's family members). So right from the start, Jennifer was jumping to the conclusion that Theresa was bent on corrupting JJ when, for the most part, Theresa had very little contact with JJ -- and certainly very little contact that Jennifer would have known about. So I think the irony remains. If Jennifer had just made some more effort when she was Theresa's boss, not assumed the worst about her, and not treated Theresa as if she had committed some crime by being with JJ during their first meeting, things might have turned out very different.
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